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January 26, 2010


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To say that the business has been a learning process for me is a huge understatement. I knew nothing. Nothing. So I am learning. And learning. And I think the dots are starting to connect and I am starting to understand what works and what doesn’t work. More precisely, what works for me. Branding, networking, marketing, outsourcing…all snazzy terms terms that meant nothing to me, but now they suck me in…it intrigues me. So something I have noticed as I have worked with others is the value of connecting and relationships. I am always drawn to warmth, personality, and genuineness. Aren’t we all.

When Christine contacted me regarding head shots, I asked her to take a look at my website to better understand my style. I was a bit concerned I could not offer what she was looking for. But in her words, “Boring head shots are the problem.” She wanted her billboards/business cards/ads to portray genuineness and personality…a real smile in a good location.

Thanks to Jolyn from In His Image Photography for helping out. Christine was a pleasure to work with! Let me share a few.



December 11, 2009


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“I love life, God, and my fam”….


Many of us have “reasons” we want photos. You know…new baby, family Christmas cards, our baby is graduating, and many other good reasons. But it spoke volumes to me when Judy wanted photos to simply remember this happy stage of life. She told me she is very un-photogenic and does NOT enjoy being in front of the camera, but really wanted to document life today.

Judy is warm, friendly, seems to have a huge heart for others, and embraces each day for what it is. With passion.


She said and I couldn’t agree more….

” I love people. I know if I had walked a mile in their shoes, there would be many things I would have done differently. Maybe some words I would have kept to myself. Or lent a hand and money. If we all were a bit quicker to help and a bit slower to speak, the world would be quite different.”


Loyal and ready to stick by your side….willing to give and give.

Spontaneous and making the most of each opportunity and yet grounded and able to accept things as they play out.


Her family and siblings…they are the best ever and she would not trade them for the world!

Music is everything. Praise and worship, oldies, 80’s and everything in between.

Macbook and blackberry. Necessary at all times.

A girl after my own heart….dark chocolate and coffee. Nuff said.

And I am pretty sure, she has a huge network of Judy fans.


Judy’s nieces came along and played the role of my assistants and made monkey faces at Judy when I told them to!

Lovely Emily…


Sweet Angela…



I really enjoyed our time together. I felt inspired to experience each day as it is. To make the most of the opportunities in front of me and not wait for everything to be “perfect”. To allow time to unfold and not rush ahead. To acknowledge the beauty of simplicity and how blessed I really am.

I felt all honored to work with someone as cool as Judy.

And un-photogenic? No way!


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