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November 9, 2009

Just because…

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Mischievous little squirt…

He is all mine and I love him so!

IMG_6417 copy

Happy Monday!

September 23, 2009

Modern Bride

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So what exactly defines the modern bride?

Hey, you can go many ways with this….but I am thinking Chucks fall in there. For sure.

More to come…


June 29, 2009

More Kiddos!

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A few more from the Kiddo Day!

First of all, let me acknowledge a few folks that helped pull this day off…

My dear friend, Ann for simply being there and organizing snacks, goodie bags, and all those important details.

Kelsi and Janae for taking care of the paperwork, balloons, and of course… making faces at the kids and helping get the shots!

And Tawanda for shooting along side of me and getting lots of super close ups.

This is  Olivia. Olivia is three and is so pretty…



Meet Mason. Mason is five.


Melt me heart! This is Karson.


And Karson’s brother, Kyler.


All three!

IMG_1011 copy

Eyes that laugh…Lily and her big sister, Mya.


Lauren is wee little at only five months!


Meet Anika….so pleasant and all grins.


Tanner and Gordan. Two of a kind with the biggest grins of the day!


And another of Damien and Stephen.


June 25, 2009


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Kiddos it is!
After fretting and growling at the unsettled forecast and then waking up to rain, I admitted the rainy weather had won. So we shuffled details and emailed and emailed. Everybody involved was so easy and willing to rearrange days and times and we got the day rescheduled!
Such fine and handsome little people showed up. Some delighted to be dressed up all pretty. A few glared at the camera! Some wanted to run and play in the fields and others would sit quietly and smile. Unique. Charming. Lively and perky.
It was a privilege!
Let me share a few from the day. More to come!

Meet Stephen.


And his big brother Damien. Damien handled the camera with ease…



This is Myla. Myla is one and has gorgeous eyes!


And Myla’s big sister, Ella…


Meet this darling, Emerson…


And all her brothers…



Next is Cole…


And Cole’s dapper little brother, Tyler…

And also sweet Kyleigh. Kyleigh makes me feel like a million bucks because this is the third time she has allowed me to photograph her.


Thanks to each one of you. More kiddo faces to come!

May 15, 2009

Kiddo Day!

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Little but mighty.

Innocent and so mischievous.

Exasperating and way to adorable.

Little people…gotta love them!

This will be a day all about and just for little people. Do kids like getting their pictures taken? Nope, usually not! But do kids like a good time? Of course, so we will do our best to combine both!

I have been looking forward to this….

And I am thinking some super fun props will be just the thing!

Instead of scheduling child sessions all throughout the summer, I have decided to have a day tailored just for them! By the way, the Alexander Schaeffer Farm is located in Schaefferstown!

Email me for additional info and to reserve your spot!

May 14, 2009


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He is two and he is two! Need I say more?

Oh, and cute as a button!

And speaking of kids…come back tomorrow!  I will be posting more info on a “just for and all about kids” day.

Meet Tyler….

May 7, 2009

Little brother

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This photo was taken last summer. Because I am updating framed prints, I pulled it up again. Well, I fell in love with it all over! He was spending the afternoon at my house, wearing a way too big t-shirt, and dirty from playing outdoors. Sometimes no planning makes the best photos!

He’s my little brother, Brandon.  I am allowed to think he is the cutest kid ever!

April 23, 2009

Just Because…

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He is three….

First thing on his agenda? Pancakes! If I throw in a few chocolate chips, he thinks I am the best mom in the world. His only standing appointment is 2pm afternoon nap. His biggest challenge? Getting on his rain boots and keeping the block tower from tumbling. Not too miss out on anything, he is ALWAYS on the run.

Yup, Adler is three and makes the most of everyday.

Because he is growing up fast. Too fast. I grabbed my camera…

March 11, 2009

Ara and Maya!

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Just because I love sassy and sweet! In fact, I think a little “sassy” causes “sweet” to have so much more character! “Sweet” may be boring. Throw in some “sassy”… and “sweet” now has some “punch”!!

Anyway, just because I love sassy and sweet and these girls too!

February 10, 2009

Little brothers!

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Little brothers and skateboards! Oh yeah, it’s all about the …ya know, stuff that really matters! Such as skateboards that got the right name on and have lots of battle scars because that means that you are really good and all! Ollies, flip kicks, 180’s and such and such…

These are my very own little brothers!

So I am allowed to think they are all that and then some! Or in their language…saweeeeeeet!

Meet Jordan and Brandon!

Jordan was determined to get a shot freezing a little of his talent! Really…he is quite good!

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