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December 15, 2010


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There is something about this photo that I love. For one thing, this is what I see Riley doing all the time. Second, this photo is brimming with enthusiasm. Third, I love how wide this was shot capturing the big building in the background and the sidewalk in the foreground. It would look so great blown up as a HUGE gallery wrap and hung on his bedroom wall.


This is one of many photos taken by Sanderson Images a few weeks ago. So fun! They are wonderful. I love meeting and working with other photographers. I always learn. John and Kim’s shooting style is so different from me. I loved this. I walked away inspired to step outside of what I have become comfortable with. For one, shoot wide to give variety. I adore my 50mm/F1.2 lens. Becasue of this, I tend to shoot with it almost all the time. Now I have my eyes set on the 35mm/F1.4 lens. =) Second, invite craziness. Because life is a bit crazy and this results in full of life photos. =) And full of life photos is always my goal.

December 1, 2010


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A little something adorable…


Sara is her name and she is a bundle of energy with beautiful eyes.=)


Gotta love the boots…




September 28, 2010


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Sweet something….


Her name is Claire Elizabeth.


Don’t you love the way a child’s eyes sparkle? It’s like life’s heartaches have not touched them yet….


Each day is a new adventure….something to experience to the fullest.


Claire is beautiful. Loved her outfits! Thanks to her sweet mother for patiently waiting until this summer for the shoot.


June 9, 2010


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Her mother says, “She is the best little helper around the house. We are best buds. Her blue eyes are my weak point…she just bats those big blues and that is all that it takes! She lost her daddy two years ago to a brain tumor and ever since she has been amazing. “

Skylar enjoys reading and rocks Math. She loves to listen to music, ride bike, explore the outdoors, and play with their three dogs.

Skylar is truly a sweetheart!

Skylar, you are dear….may you have a wonderful summer.

Thanks for allowing me to take your pics and showing me your big tree swing.






March 18, 2010


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This is third time I had the opportunity of photographing Payton’s sweet face. Adorable with adorable outfits every time!



The sun is shining oh, so warm…it is time to turn off the computer. Smile. But let me share a few first. Meet beautiful Payton.




Payton turns one!


February 8, 2010


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This is the time of year that I have a chance to slow down, plan for the coming year, take in a workshop, bake cookies…chocolate chip of course, and take sibling’s school photos.

Little brothers.


This is Brandon. Brandon is my youngest sibling. He has a heart of gold and will do almost anything for you.

Mischievous…of course. Stubborn…uh, huh.



This is Jordan. Jordan is 14 and likes to think he is 18. We have all been there…it passes, right? Okay. He is an excellent babysitter and does so quite often for me. In fact, my kiddos have learned all kinds of useful info from him…like how to jump ramps with skateboards, to hang on tightly when you go for Gator rides, where to hunt for crows, how to build and then jump pillow towers in the living room, and Play Station strategies.


No really, they are growing up so fast and I love having my boys play with their big uncles.


This is Brandon’s “picture” smile and seriously, it was almost impossible to break it. It’s like a mixture of “I am kinda bored and I really don’t want to smile too big and look cheesy” smile.




I really do love my little brothers. Happy Monday.

January 29, 2010


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Happy birthday to my little “big boy”! Six today. Somebody tell me how that happened, please.

IMG_7382 copy 2

A green crocodile cake has been his requested “next birthday cake” ever since his last birthday. So I will be serving a green crocodile cake, complete with marshmallow eyes and malted milk ball nostrils….to little boy friends. Happy Friday to you to. Smile!

January 14, 2010


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I think her coat is quite perfect.

It was a gift from Grandma, I believe. It was not a planned part of the outfits, but turned out to be some of the fave shots.


Allie and Sophie are best sisters.


The whole family and one of their selected “bestest” shots.


January 8, 2010

Just because…

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Just because I have been thinking…

So what is happiness? It can come in many forms…right? Dark chocolate cake, for sure. A “just for you” smile from your man. An chatty phone call from an old friend. But ya know, we can laugh and smile and enjoy our cake too, but not be happy, right? Does happiness lie in accomplishing? How about the “good life”? Or everybody liking me?

Could it be true, honest to goodness happiness lies in peace? Peace with who I am. Peace with where I am in life. Peace with waiting and resting. Understanding that life will never be perfect. There will always be somebody better. Something that should be done…most likely fingerprints on the front door and a closet that needs organized. There will always be somebody that doesn’t approve. The overwhelming “problem”. The unknown in the future. The what if’s.

January is the month of goals, plans and dreams. And I love this and I will…’cause I love planning and dreaming and goals. But for right now, I am learning that the most important goal I can have is to trust. Complete trust. A soft, gentle and yielding trust. And I am only learning, but I am thinking this is real peace and long term happiness.

Okay, and because their pretty smiles make me happy, meet my nieces…Megan and Taryn.



Happy weekend to you. Smile!

December 5, 2009

Just Because…

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Just because they are too handsome to not show off….

Sensenig12 copy

Charming the camera, Dylan is six and Raine is three.

It is Saturday and it is suppose to snow and I think I might start my Christmas shopping. Smile.

Okay, happy weekend!

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