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January 19, 2011


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Hey, Heeeeeey! So excited to share what I have been working on REALLY hard for the past number of weeks.

My BRAND NEW website and blog!

Visit my NEW BLOG here!


January 3, 2011

Let’s Go.

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I love this time of the year. It’s a gift from God. Like He is giving me a fresh, unmarked year to run with. It’s an opportunity to look at the past year and ask what was good…what was not good…and how can I learn from that? It’s an opportunity to leave the past behind with it’s good, bad, and ugly and look ahead at the next 365 days. It’s an opportunity to plan, set goals, and dream big. This past year has been a big year. Good things…such as a brand, new baby. But this past year has also been a really tough year…for several reasons. I have learned A LOT about myself through it all.

Today I am feeling excited for 2011. Hopeful. Ready. Settled.

“Dear God…here’s my hand. Let’s go.” =)

December 23, 2010

Feeling a little…

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Feeling a little crafty! =)


Craftiness and the inspiration to do it comes and goes for me. But I was feeling inspired so I decided to use it while it was there. So instead of spending my pennies on fancy ribbon and sparkly wrapping paper from Target, I stopped in at the local Salvation Army. I have low tolerance for that place. I need to keep my visit short and to the point. I wish the rows and bins didn’t overwhelm me because I know there are full of buried treasures. And I am always a little jealous when others find designer boots there for, you know…five bucks. =) So I went right to the curtain aisle and fabric bins and found what I was looking for….fabric bits and ribbon. Combined that with brown paper wrapping paper and I was feeling all Martha Stewarty. Ha. Maybe not totally Christmasy, but it will do the job. crafty

Anyway, I am loving a break from craziness this month. Yeah, there is always lots to do as the holidays get in full swing. But not having any shoots for November and December has allowed me to do little projects like this. It feels nice. Kinda feels like a spa day for my brain. =)

December 15, 2010


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There is something about this photo that I love. For one thing, this is what I see Riley doing all the time. Second, this photo is brimming with enthusiasm. Third, I love how wide this was shot capturing the big building in the background and the sidewalk in the foreground. It would look so great blown up as a HUGE gallery wrap and hung on his bedroom wall.


This is one of many photos taken by Sanderson Images a few weeks ago. So fun! They are wonderful. I love meeting and working with other photographers. I always learn. John and Kim’s shooting style is so different from me. I loved this. I walked away inspired to step outside of what I have become comfortable with. For one, shoot wide to give variety. I adore my 50mm/F1.2 lens. Becasue of this, I tend to shoot with it almost all the time. Now I have my eyes set on the 35mm/F1.4 lens. =) Second, invite craziness. Because life is a bit crazy and this results in full of life photos. =) And full of life photos is always my goal.

November 26, 2010


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How did this happen?


One minute I was cradling a baby…next minute I am looking into the eyes of my big little five year old boy.

Adler is a boy through and through. Independent. Determined to get his way. Is quite good at making ‘I am mad’ faces. Never willing to miss out on anything. Loves lizards, dinosaurs, and sharks. And yet oh so sensitive. Loves to snuggle up close. Will find me and curl up on my lap. Always pulls me into a hug and plants a big kiss on my lips each night. Finds great pride in ‘keeping mommy safe’.

Tiny little man who’s world consists of legos and matchbox cars with chocolate chip cookies mixed in between.

Wonder who he will be when he is a full grown man…

IMG_5626 copy

I love extended weekends! Wishing you a weekend filled with sunshine, good coffee, and smiles. =)

November 20, 2010

My men…

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I am crazy about these guys…


As a mother, I want to protect, nurture, and snuggle with my boys. Andrew thinks the world of his boys, but will show it in different ways. He will push, challenge, encourage, take them backpacking, wrestle, and make them into basketball players if at all possible….and has way more patience than I do with their little boy craziness.  =)

My goal for this photo was to capture and represent Andrew as a proud, strong Dad leading the way for his boys.

Poor Corde has his little face all scrunched…was not to happy about being disturbed from his nap.

It was taken on a warm October afternoon when Corde was less than one week old and I think I will always love it.

November 8, 2010

What I am loving these days…

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1. Baby toes. Really…could they be any more perfect? I will never tire of admiring his tiny features…

IMG_5503 copy

2. Friends. “IT IS BETTER TO EAT TWINKIES WITH FRIENDS THAN CELERY ALONE.” =) I am reminded again the value of dear friends. Somebody on my team. Cheering me on. Caring. Giving. Understanding. Allowing me to talk things through and process. We were created to need others.


3. JCrew. Always and again. I love their stuff.  Baby Corde may keep me from shoppig these days, but I can put together outfits and feel all inspired by flipping through a JCrew magazine.= )

4.  Salad. With LOTS of goodies on top. I go in spurts. But if I am in a salad spurt, I will eat salad because my chocolate cake spurt will hit soon.

5. Rework. A an easy read all about business. Given as a gift. =) I LOVE reading books that explain business and how to make it work. It has been perfect to pick up and read a few pages in between ‘baby’ care.

November 1, 2010

He’s here…

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So this is where I have been lately….


The first week is gone. Already. I felt like I was hanging onto each day….not wanting it to end. There is something about the first week when babies are so new and so tiny that I want to bottle up and remember. Things that I don’t want to forget… The softness of his fuzzy hair. The sweet smell of his skin. How he snuggles on my chest. His tiny toes that he stretches out so it appears almost comical. His baby yawns and stretches. His satisfied sighs after eating when he lazily falls asleep on my shoulder. Family and friends who are being so generous and bringing food and gifts. Big brothers concern/almost panic when he cries. =) And although it sounds cliche…. the miracle of it all.

He arrived on October 23rd and weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. We named him Corde Andrew. Corde is pronounced Cord with the ‘e’ silent. We liked the simple solidness of this name. Andrew is after Dad. This photo was taken when he was one day old. One of these days I will pull out the big camera and get some good shots. Right now, feeding and burping and diapering has taken all my time. And letting him sleep on my shoulder is what I’d rather do. =)

I have lots of adorable seniors from September I am looking forward to posting. Sometime soon. =)

October 15, 2010


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Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration….is a beautiful thing! =)

Collage copy

October 9, 2010

Today is Saturday…

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And I am feeling happy that I have a free Saturday. A sunny, October Saturday at that.


More images from this shoot soon.

Happy  sunny, October Saturday!

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