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December 3, 2009

Baby on the Way…

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Ah, the sweet excitement of a new adventure.

Ryan and Amy are looking forward to a tiny, little girl in a few short months.

In their words….”We know we are in for some surprises, but we are so excited!”

She can’t wait to take her to Grandma’s pool and he knows she will be his little sidekick.

Meet awesome Ryan and Amy….





Beautiful blue eyes!


Thanks Ryan and Amy for allowing me to “take pics” of this special phase of life.

The last shot we grabbed…had to get the “belly” photo.


May 9, 2009


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You know how people talk about having “the glow”?!! I mean, it sounds nice and all, but really….reality?

Well, now I know it really is true…for some of us at least!

Kathi radiates warmth and a genuine peace along side a lot of spunk! And she glowed. She told me dad-to-be thinks this is the greatest thing ever. Preparations are being made and one by one the calendar days are crossed off.

It’s true….baby is on the way!

October 18, 2008

Adam & Megan

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There is a warmth and quite simply, a love for life and each other that surrounds these guys! They grew up together and became best of friends in high school! It didn’t take long to realize, “We were truly meant to be!” Megan loves Adam’s gumption and passion for life! Adam loves Megan’s ability to make a stand for what she believes in!

And better yet, that are counting down the days ’till they are officially parents! Nolan is expected the end of November…

“We thank God everyday for sharing this miracle with us! We feel so blessed! We know God has a plan for him…we want Nolan to experience all that God has in store for him! And yes, we are hoping he arrives on time! We can’t wait!”

Congratulations Adam and Megan! Nolan is quite blessed to call you “Mommy and Daddy”!

Let me share a few fun belly shots…

June 24, 2008

Fun, belly shots!

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She is a dear friend of mine………and she is anticipating being mommy of four!

If the little fellow follows the rules……..he will be arriving in August!

Angel was up for anything! These are a few of the fun, belly shots we got!

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