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December 23, 2010

Feeling a little…

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Feeling a little crafty! =)


Craftiness and the inspiration to do it comes and goes for me. But I was feeling inspired so I decided to use it while it was there. So instead of spending my pennies on fancy ribbon and sparkly wrapping paper from Target, I stopped in at the local Salvation Army. I have low tolerance for that place. I need to keep my visit short and to the point. I wish the rows and bins didn’t overwhelm me because I know there are full of buried treasures. And I am always a little jealous when others find designer boots there for, you know…five bucks. =) So I went right to the curtain aisle and fabric bins and found what I was looking for….fabric bits and ribbon. Combined that with brown paper wrapping paper and I was feeling all Martha Stewarty. Ha. Maybe not totally Christmasy, but it will do the job. crafty

Anyway, I am loving a break from craziness this month. Yeah, there is always lots to do as the holidays get in full swing. But not having any shoots for November and December has allowed me to do little projects like this. It feels nice. Kinda feels like a spa day for my brain. =)


  1. Love it!
    Thanks for the inspiration … I need to wrap gifts today and tomorrow. Now instead of buying paper/ribbon/etc. I’m going to dig in my box of fabric scraps leftover from other projects.

    Comment by Janet Oberholtzer — December 23, 2010 @ 8:52 am

  2. Absolutely delightful…LOVE it!!!

    Comment by Becky — December 23, 2010 @ 9:13 am

  3. I am loving these! Have a blessed christmas!

    Comment by Rosanne — December 23, 2010 @ 10:57 am

  4. LOOOOOOOVE it! (of course) You have a way about you……..

    Comment by Angel — December 23, 2010 @ 1:37 pm

  5. Love it!

    Comment by Mel Koehler — December 23, 2010 @ 2:07 pm

  6. this idea is timeless. i agree with your army theory. i love it for one second and then hate it the rest of the time. could not agree more. thank you for the gift and card. you sure do know what i like to spend my money on!!! thank you thank you thank you

    Comment by diane miller — December 23, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

  7. a spa day for your brain? wow. nice! i’d like to get me one of those. :) the gifts were, of course, lovely.

    Comment by Ann — December 27, 2010 @ 7:44 am

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