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October 21, 2010


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“I sing. All the time. 24/7. No matter where I am at. No matter what mood…there is always a song that I can sing or hum. “


I loved Jessica. You would to. You can’t help yourself. She is just one of those girls. You know you would have a good time shopping with her or grabbing lunch or doing really nothing at all.


One of the first things she told me as we emailed back and forth planning the shoot, is that she loves meeting people. So she can’t wait to meet me and learn all about me.=)

“People are so fun. I love being around people and learning about them. You never know who you will meet next. And I love to laugh. I think if you can’t laugh at yourself and your imperfections you can’t live life to the fullest. I am spontaneous, forgetful, and not always put together. =) I love shopping, but am all about deals and thrift. Goodwill and the clearance, perfect. I am all about the vintage flower and country flannel look. When it comes to music, country is where my heart is at. I can relate to it because I have lived or am living the lyrics on lots of the songs. But really, anything with a good grove and clever lyrics is good with me. I wanna see the world and visit new places. If I had a $1000 I would jump on a plane and fly to Paris.”

Jessica is currently in cosmetology school and is actively pursuing singing. She just released her demo CD. Whooo!

“Where ever the wind blows is where I will go!”

Jessica, dear…







October 18, 2010


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Today is Monday, McDonald coffee was perfect this morning, and I have adorable Katie’s photos to share…


I love this girl. Katie has such a distinct “Katie” style and is as sweet as can be. Here is Katie…

“I am insane. In a good way. =) I am a dreamer…my head is always up in the clouds. I am always thinking and always questioning. I look at everything in many perspectives to get the whole picture…life is my greatest puzzle. I love art and could spend all day in an art museum. I love to read. I am a huge nerd when it comes to literature. Other times I will be writing. I am creative, artsy, and adore my friends. Soccer is my favorite sport. When I am feeling daring I will ski down a mountain backwards or try out a double diamond slope. It is hard for me to hold grudges, but I will always say what is on my mind. Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 make me happy. I kinda have an extreme obsession with Cheez-its. I surround myself with music…my Ipod goes with me everywhere! Someday I will travel to Europe. And I love life! “

“I have big dreams…I want to pursue a double major in French and English. Then hopefully go on to graduate school for a M.F.A. in creative writing.  My dream career is to be a well known and respected author.”

Katie, you have what it takes…go for your dreams…you will fly! =)


This photo was one of Katie’s favorites and I love it to….it just fits Katie.



Feeling a little pensive…





These make me smile…


Gorgeous eyes.


October 15, 2010


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Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration….is a beautiful thing! =)

Collage copy

October 13, 2010

Dan & Abby

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All it took was lunch with mutual friends and a game of Frisbee….and he knew he wanted to marry her.


But then the semester ended at college and they both left college for the summer without spending more time together. Then Facebook stepped in. Abby stumbled across Dan on Facebook, asked to be his friend, he accepted…quite eagerly. Long emails began, which turned into long phone calls. Increasingly long and longer. The fall semester began and Dan and Abby headed back to college. A few months later a summer wedding was being planned! Romantic? I think so. =)


She says, “He has a great sense of humor and I love that Dan can make me laugh every single day. I  may be a little more reserved, but he has a way of bringing out the best of me. =) He has a strong sense of confidence and stands strong in what he believes…I love this.” He says, “She makes me so happy. I just loving spending as much time as I can with her.”

Dan is a management consultant and Abby is a nurse. When they are not working, they love hiking, biking, cooking a great meal together, watching movies, and just being together.

Dan and Abby just celebrated their one year anniversary. I loved that they wanted to remember this time of their life with photos. They both have such kind, gentle spirits and were so fun to meet and work with.

See their slideshow here.










Dan and Abby both love music and I loved their idea of including his guitar in the shoot.



So pretty Abby…



Thanks Dan and Abby for allowing me to capture this time of your life. Many, many more happy years to you.

October 11, 2010


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Animals are a BIG part of Angel’s life. In fact, she cannot imagine life without her animals. Her and her family compete with their horses and live on a beautiful horse farm.





Pretty, expressive eyes..

color!!!!-Angela_15 copy

Silhouette shots is not something I do very often. But I grabbed this because I loved the way the barn door framed Angela and her horse….it turned out to be their favorite. =)


October 9, 2010

Today is Saturday…

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And I am feeling happy that I have a free Saturday. A sunny, October Saturday at that.


More images from this shoot soon.

Happy  sunny, October Saturday!

October 7, 2010


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Kelsey, dear. =)


So let me tell you a little about Kelsey….

Loves being a field hockey goalie and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Free time? She’s rather be busy! Is all about traveling and going to the beach. Adores photography. Has been a gymnast almost all her life. Fun-loving and easy-going. Forever 21. Nuff said. Has been to NYC a thousand times and would love to live there someday. Has seen the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa but never the Statue of Liberty. Always has her phone and always has her camera. Her dream job is to work for National Geographic.

Kelsey is planning on attending college for photo-journalism.

From there? Kelsey says….we  will see where life takes me. And that is so Kelsey!


Kelsey’s shoes and camera strap both in zebra stripes!



Loved this bright orange color….





October 5, 2010

Devon & Kayla

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This was the first time I had the opportunity to photograph twins and I could not have had more fun with Devon and Kayla. Identical? Um, yes. Seriously, the only way I know them apart is by their outfits. When I met them again for the the ordering meeting, I had to find out which was Devon and which was Kayla and then remember who wore which outfits. =)

This is Kayla….


Kayla is bubbly, outgoing and ready to go! She has been a cheerleader for 10 years, adores shopping, and loves being around people. Free time? Curling up with a blanket and reading a book. Favorite magazine? Cosmopoliton. An extra $1000? Shopping spree! So where does she shop? American Eagle, J.Crew (My fave!), Forever 21, Gap, and Francescas (everybody is talking about this store!). Must have or possibly die? Cell phone. Kayla loves kids and is planning on attending college to become an elementary teacher. Someday she would love to get her masters in psychology and become a guidance counselor. Her dream job is to someday own a bakery or restaurant.

And Devon, dear…


Devon is always up for a good time, bubbly, loves smiling and helping others. She has been cheering for 10 years and can’t remember when was the last time she watched a sport from the stands. On the go, Kayla is also president of the Keys Club. Free time? Nothing beats curling up with a good read on a cold day. Favorite magazine? Cosmopoliton or People’s. Extra $1000? Shopping spree, of course! I am pretty sure Devon and Kayla shop together….they both love the same stores. Always gotta have? Cell phone, unless everybody she wanted to talk to was with her. =) Fave snack? Sweet candy peach rings or salty Fritos. Devon plans on attending college to become an elementary teacher and eventually a school principal. Her dream job is to someday own a restaurant with her sister….something to represent their “twinness”.

You can tell these two are best friends and spend lots of time together by how similar their interests are. They told me they have never spent more than a weekend without the other!

Meet these beautiful sisters…

Web - 900px wide

Devon rocking her heels!



Loved the bright colors of Kayla’s dress.



Their fave “together” photo…





And Devon…





It has gotta be great having a twin sister as a best friend….


Thanks for fun shoot, guys…loved meeting you both! =)

October 1, 2010


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I said it before, but I will again…I love my seniors. I have such a heart for these guys. I consider half of my job to be connecting, learning about them…who are they, what do they love, giving them permission to feel great about themselves.

Abbie was another senior I adored…


See? How can you not love that? Abbie, you may not love this image, but I do because it captures your heart.

Abbie’s had some heartaches in her life, but she continues to shine and put her heart into life.

So pretty…








Have a great weekend everybody!

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