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May 29, 2010

Josh & Brynn

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The sun shone warmly as the day started…

She arrived in a cute little tee with “Bride” across the front in sparkly sequins.

All her bridesmaids carried matching pink and white bags with their “getting ready” supplies.

Details. Many impeccable details all tied together with a vivid pink and abundant white flowers.

And they were so in love….treating each other and others with utmost kindness and sincerity.

She cried when his scribbled note was delived to her as she prepared. He cried when he saw her for the first time as she walked down the aisle.

The wedding was held at Phoenixville Foundry…. such a gorgeous venue.

A big thank-you to Larry from Weaver Images and ever so helpful Tawanda for working with me.

To see more of their day, see the slide show here.

Josh and Brynn, thank-you for inviting me to document your wedding day. It was a pleasure witnessing your love. All the very, very best.




IMG_0042 copy

Josh’s note to Brynn…


Love this shot Tawanda caught of Brynn…




So, so happy. This was the one of the first photos together…married.


Totally spontaneous.




Love this shot of Brynn…




Dawn from Feastivities did an immaculate job orchestrating the day.






Have a great weekend everybody!

May 26, 2010

Zac & Brittany

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Two people happy to be in love. A grassy field. Rain that help off.


Brittany loves that Zac is always up for a good time.

But his serious side melts her heart…this is when they dream about their future together.

Zac loves that Brittany is his girl and loves everything about her…her kindness, her honesty, and her willingness to give to others.

Zac and Brittany delight in playing with their son Owen, taking walks, watching movies, and enjoying fine food…pizza and wings.

Stop here to see their slide show.

The absolute best the Zac and Brittany!






Brittany was a natural in front of the camera…she will be a gorgeous bride.

Zac and Brittany are planning a beautiful wedding…unfortunately it did not work out for me to be part of their day. =(



May 20, 2010


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It is spring. I love spring. Love the smell of new grass just mowed. Love the peonies blooming in my backyard. Can’t WAIT to pick strawberries. Love shopping in the greenhouses and picking out annuals. Love grilling on the deck. Love the warm sunshine. I want to live in the moment. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Sooo, I am trying to balance business and unbusiness. So I can have a life away from the computer and emailing and editing. This is a work in progress and it takes hard work. First of all, it has required me to say the little word “no”. Really, did you know that word can be so hard to say?!! Second, it requires self discipline. Such come up with a schedule and stick to it. Such as answer emails for an hour and then move on. Such as turn off the computer at this time so dinner is not spaghetti…again. Smile. (I think I will try a new guacamole recipe this week. It has tomatoes, garlic, onion, and cilantro…it is calling my name.) Such as Wednesday afternoons are pool time with boys…no shoots scheduled then. Third, start implementing. A big one is…”I don’t need do everything myself.” Photographer’s Edit does my basic wedding editing. SmugMug takes care of basic order fulfillment. Ever so wonderful Diane does the invoicing, pays taxes, and treats QuickBooks like a friend.  Honestly, I have nooo patience for this and well, it gives me a headache. Angie from Addison June designs my albums. Joell from Image Garden is designing a client website. Alicia with Easy as Pie pricing was such a help at understanding numbers and how they work together. Anyway…this means I don’t have to do that…which is good. I am learning. And slowing down. Which allows me to remember why I love snapping the shutter.

But really, I had no intention of talking about that. My real reason for stopping by today was to share a few of Nicole.

Nicole is a senior this year…soon she will be off in the big world of college. She was a sweetheart, brought a her best friend Heather and lots of cute outfits. We played in the sunshine.


Don’t you love my new red chair? Thanks Diane. Not only does she take care of invoicing…she also finds chairs for props.



I like the soft, relaxed feel to this one.



Happy spring.

May 14, 2010


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Just because I LOVE her freckles and her pretty blue eyes…


Jade is a senior representative. So there will be more of her coming later this summer.

It feels like summer outside which is perfection. Happy weekend.

May 12, 2010


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She is outgoing in a gentle way…if that makes sense. Her eyes dance and she laughs easy. Quick witted.

She loves to read…Dear John is the current fave.

A little detail that describes her personality… always has her nails done. Love this.

Makes friends easily. Although I don’t know, I bet she is one of those solid, for-life kind of friends.

After graduation she is heading to college to possibly major in sociology. Although she is not certain yet…too many options and she hates deciding at seventeen!

Her phone is a necessity….’cause texting is how she talks.

Meet pretty Gina…


With the rain drops, we started at an orchard…


But the sun peeked out near the end…







May 7, 2010


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Let me introduce you to Hannah…

Easy-going, happy, hip, gentle, and just cool describe Hannah. With a fabulous sense of style.

She is good as long as she has a comfy sweatshirt, her phone, and some music.

Plans? Hannah is heading to University of Missouri and will major in accounting.

She seems to have a calm determination…like she knows where she is going and how she will get there.

And I think certain she will.

All the best to lovely Hannah…



Loved this soft, pink sweatshirt!






Flowers like this bloom such a short time…I was thrilled with the opportunity to use these trees during Hannah’s shoot.



Hannah paid me a great compliment…she said she looked and looked until she found a photograhper whose style she connected with. Thanks, Hannah!

‘Tis Friday. I have big plans for tomorrow…filling up my planters with lots of annuals. And of course, I will need to make another trip to the greenhouse to fill in the holes.

Don’t you love the greenhouses smell? Excited!

Happy weekend!

May 5, 2010


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Last week I had the opportunity to take in the Fast Track Photographer Workshop hosted Dane Sanders.

Life changing? Pushing it….maybe, but not really….I think the other attendees would agree.

A pivotal point for my life and business? Yup. Inspiring? Definitely!

I learned so much about myself. I Learned so much about people.

“The way to be ultimately respected is to be uniquely myself.”

“As a human, I am not what I do, what I have, or what people say about me.”

“Go for who I am…not for what works”

“The process may be painful”

“Think like a CEO, not a photographer”

“We are always an invitation…what invitation am I?”


“Opportunities pass”


New friends! Loved that we could meet and form friendships so quickly.

Dane Sander’s ability to meet a person where they were at, affirm, no judgment involved…made such an impact on me.

This allowed and encouraged a person to truly be honest with themselves without the need to feel defensive.

He encouraged us to push ourselves, take a step back and look at the big picture of our business, and be true to ourselves.


And the whole group! The motto: We are for each other!

“Breaking through” was a point made…thus the jumping and breaking through shot! Smile.


It was a good week. I was blessed in so many ways. I walked away with so much more than I anticipated receiving.

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