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April 29, 2010

Sneak Peek…

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Isn’t she prrrrrretty?


Just a quick sneak for Hannah. More to come…

April 26, 2010


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Family photos in an orchard?

Yes, please. I have been wanting to shoot in an orchard for some time and was so excited for the opportunity when Mary June lined it all up.

Let me introduce you to Patrick & Mary June and their lovely family…


This family is spontaneous…always have been. In fact, Patrick and Mary June dated five weeks before he popped the question. Twelve weeks later, they were married.

It has been that way ever since… living life by the seat of their pants. Life is short, why not live it with all you got?

Mary June expressed her passion for life and her family so well, so in her words….

“I LOVE glam, but gotta get my “boots” dirty now then to. High heels and cowgirl boots…I would live in them if life allowed. Love me a good sweaty rodeo but not anymore than a high class restaurant. I love people and hope that those who come in contact with me see my Maker through me. My passion is that woman would know they are beautiful because of who created them…that they can embrace their beauty instead of letting the enemy destroy them with lies.

Patrick is very “BIG” in everything he does. You meet him once and you remember him and I’m not just saying that cuz I am his wife. Smile. He knows how to get what he wants and has a gift of convincing others that what he believes or has, they need! He claims when he first saw me, he said I was the girl he was going to marry. Eleven months later he did. Our date night may be shooting target or getting all gussied up and going out. Either way, give me a night with my hubs and my love tank is full for awhile!”


“Portia is the oldest. She is a ‘cut and dry’, no fuss kind girl. Let her climb trees higher than the boys with her bare feet and braids and she’s as cool as a cucumber. But pink is still her favorite color. She is very, very competitive. When I was training for my marathon, she was worried that I was not running to win!”

“Bridget is the baby. We just call her ‘Pistol” and she has the curls to go with it. She’s got spirit and I can’t wait to see what life has for her. She tries hard to keep up with the rest of the littles. But she can put a doll to sleep in no time…she rocks and sings like there is no tomorrow.”



“Will is full throttle 100% of the time. Either he is very happy and strumming on his guitar or as mad as a hornet. He is all about justice. From little up, when there was someone who he thought had been mistreated (even Daddy)…he took it upon himself to correct the evil he witnessed. He’s very passionate and it’s so cute when ‘hugs and kisses’ are the mood, but not so much when it’s the ‘punchin fist’ mood.”

“Ben is the quiet, cuddly one. He has the craziest sense of humor with the best ‘one-liners’ ever. He loves to come up with jokes to see me left in stitches. He comes alive outside in the woods and has the biggest imagination out there. He comes in with dead snakes and lots of stories.”

“So we have four fairly high-strung little ones. I am not sure where they got it, since their parents still have theirs. Smile. We love to go camping, to the shore, and all fight for ‘date night’ with Patrick. We live for the weekends when Daddy is home and we can all let loose. As the kids get older, we have a dream of renting a villa in Europe for a year and seeing it all at once. Hey, why not dream big! Oh my, I could go on and on about my little crew…love them bunches and am blessed beyond words. God has been so good to us and we give Him all the credit.”


Mary June made the girls outfits and the boys shirts in the photos above!




I typically love and prefer color, but somehow the orchard setting created great black and white photos.

It has a story, but to sum it up….Patrick surprised Mary June with this tattoo….her name name across his arm….




Another set of outfits….we ran out of light before we could get all the kids in the second outfits.


Quite often I walk away from a shoot blessed. This was one of those times….I felt blessed just by meeting and working with this family.

Happy Monday to you.

April 22, 2010

Derrick & Joanna

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Hey folks…..Derrick and Joanna are looking forward to this fall. Weddings plans are being made!

Joanna asked if I would take their engagement photos. I was more than happy…


Because the wedding is in the fall, Joanna wanted a shoot that has fall colors.

She did a great job with this.  The location she choose included a quaint church, an old barn, and an overgrown meadow.

The wedding colors…orange, yellow, and brown were brought in with the flowers and outfits.

Joanna warned me that Derrick doesn’t love having his pictures taken. He endured. Smile.

Joanna is….well, just as sweet as can be.


The motto for their wedding is “The best is yet to come.”

All the best to Derrick and Joanna as they continue planning their big day.

See their slide show here.



The sunlight worked with us perfectly!




April 19, 2010

Matt & Jennie

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On the farm, on the farm…


What a better way to meet than showing cows at the country fair?!!

Today Jennie loves that he can make her smile even when with all her might, she wants to be mad at him.

Matt loves that he can talk about anything with his girl. He is happiest when she is by his side and loves that they share the same interests and goals.


Side by side is best, after all.

It may be working on the farm, showing cows, hanging with family and friends, or line-dancing with their boots on foot!

And they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives side by side!

Looking forward to their big day. As kind as can be..I know they will be a pleasure to work with.

Stop here to see their slide show.



Jennie will be an adorable bride!




I saw this shot on Gehman Photography a while back….couldn’t resist doing it here.

The muddy boots, the old truck, Jennie’s home farm meadow….this is them and loving it!


April 15, 2010


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His name is Liam and he was quite the character with bright, happy eyes.


This photo was taken on his family’s pretty farm and the wheelbarrow happened to be there.

Hey, it had a flat tire but was still perfect for this shot.

April 13, 2010

Josh & Brynn

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She says…

“I love how he can always make me smile no matter what life brings….we can be so goofy together. He supports me in everything I do. My heart skips a beat every time I see him…as if it was the first time we met.”

He says…

“What don’t I love about her!” Smile.

Josh and Brynn were so fun and easy to work with.

I was thrilled to document their love.

See their slide show here.

I love this first shot as I think it captures so much of their personalities. And the great boots…of course, we needed this shot.



Making the city streets look good!




Laughter is always perfect.



Perfection together.

Excited for their wedding day this spring! It will be gorgeous, I know.


April 10, 2010


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Together is good. We all love to feel “together”.


Elaine and her granddaughters are life buddies.

Today Elaine is fighting for her health. They are sticking together. Determined. They wanted photos to remember.

I felt blessed to meet these fine ladies.

‘Tis spring. ‘Tis Saturday. Yippee. Have a wonderful weekend!

April 8, 2010

Just Because…

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It is called “towel dry by daddy” after bath.


Whenever I have a tough day, Adler always gives me a reason to smile.

He loves to snuggle close, gives me kisses on my nose, and says “I love you.”

Thing is, it comes out….”I ove uuuu” and it melts my heart.

1000 times over.

When I forget, moments like this remind me…I am blessed.

April 6, 2010


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Her name is Abby. You may remember her pretty face from here last summer.

She is truly a sweetheart. At it’s very finest.


This past winter I was looking for a willing senior model for a little project.  Abby emailed me and said she was up for it. The position was already filled for the project, but I could not give up the opportunity of photographing Abby. She is just way too much fun! So I bugged her and we found a date that worked. I loved the opportunity to try a few new techniques on a beautiful senior! Abby brought a great wardrobe of clothing and was up for anything. Let me share a few of Abby…







Abby’s bestie and roomie for college. Crazy girls! Smile.


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