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January 8, 2010

Just because…

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Just because I have been thinking…

So what is happiness? It can come in many forms…right? Dark chocolate cake, for sure. A “just for you” smile from your man. An chatty phone call from an old friend. But ya know, we can laugh and smile and enjoy our cake too, but not be happy, right? Does happiness lie in accomplishing? How about the “good life”? Or everybody liking me?

Could it be true, honest to goodness happiness lies in peace? Peace with who I am. Peace with where I am in life. Peace with waiting and resting. Understanding that life will never be perfect. There will always be somebody better. Something that should be done…most likely fingerprints on the front door and a closet that needs organized. There will always be somebody that doesn’t approve. The overwhelming “problem”. The unknown in the future. The what if’s.

January is the month of goals, plans and dreams. And I love this and I will…’cause I love planning and dreaming and goals. But for right now, I am learning that the most important goal I can have is to trust. Complete trust. A soft, gentle and yielding trust. And I am only learning, but I am thinking this is real peace and long term happiness.

Okay, and because their pretty smiles make me happy, meet my nieces…Megan and Taryn.



Happy weekend to you. Smile!


  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately too. I agree that real happiness comes from having peace about where you’re at in life, who you are, your circumstances. God has been teaching me a lot about this in the past year.
    Your nieces are beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day!

    Comment by Brenda Weaver — January 8, 2010 @ 4:57 am

  2. Char, I love to read your thoughts. It ministers and speaks to my heart. JUST as I am, BECAUSE He lives. Trusting, oh what a great place to be. One of rest, assurance, abiding, surrender, calm and peace. Yielding to his everlasting arms and wrapped in his love. ahhhh what a safe place. Blessings to you as you grow in your journey to trust Him. Love, Linda

    Comment by Linda — January 8, 2010 @ 5:25 am

  3. Wow Char these are amazing!!! These little girls are so adorable!

    Comment by Hanna — January 8, 2010 @ 4:27 pm

  4. i like it and i need it. thank you

    Comment by diane miller — January 8, 2010 @ 7:47 pm

  5. You write so beautifully and are so inspiring.

    Comment by Mel — January 10, 2010 @ 7:49 am

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