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October 30, 2009


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I was not planning on posting anything…

But as I take a minute to remember, the words are tumbling so I will write.

I remember the day like yesterday…

The gentle breeze and warm sunshine seemed to mock reality. I spent the afternoon by her bedside. I was weary, but felt peaceful. And scared. A few months prior life was so very normal. How did this happen? Looking back, I can’t believe I was so naive and so unaware that afternoon. We were praying and we were believing. Yeah, we knew it happened. To others, that is. There was absolute no way under heaven our mother would leave us. You see… our mother loved life, was full of life, and was all about life. Her eyes were warm and held a sparkle. Her skin was always tan from hours spent in her flowerbeds and garden. Tiny, but lots of spunk.  I was the oldest of eight kids…my little brother only eight at the time. She was are best friend. For real. Somehow she saw straight to our souls. She was the wind beneath our wings. In a way, she was our world’s foundation. She lived life with her whole heart. With vibrance.

But the unspeakable happened. The impossible became reality. It sent us reeling, spinning backwards, grabbing for some kind of something to stop the tumbling. Something, anything to make us feel like life was going to be okay again. I suppose there is a right and wrong way to grieve, but we were lost. So lost. I was angry at God…so angry. Yeah, sure He may be a God of love, but really?!! Is this what sovereign meant? The anger settled into a controlled tumbling. This is after all, part of life. The unspeakable happened to us…deal with it.

Today? Well, I am allowing God to take my hand and show me how to stand still again. Just still. I am ready.  Ready to understand. Ready to live with my heart open. Ready to walk in the sunshine.

So today it is four years that my mother is dancing in heaven. Dancing for sure!

Today I will love my boys, edit some photos (smile), and appreciate the bright yellow leaves in my backyard.


In honor of my mother….today I am hopeful. Today I anticipate.

October 29, 2009


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Hey, I get to post a few family and kid photos today!

It has been awhile and I was reminded again how photographing kids is pretty similar to life with kids.

Up the street and down the street, back and forth, monkey faces and puppy noises, conversations all about Curious George and Elmo.

Snacks. Snacks make the world a happy place.

Better yet, Simon Says works like a charm. Simon Says…stand next to your mom, Simon Says… give your daddy a kiss, Simon Says…smile!

Fun, crazy, and go with the flow. This is kids and this is life.

Thanks to Colleen from Capture This Photography for working with me. In addition to getting some shots, she had the tough job… keeping everybody’s attention and managed it all quite well!

Meet this beautiful family…

Paige is 5 years old and so pretty.


Sweet Paige is not even one yet.


“Simon Says…stand next to your mommy!”




Thanks Melanie…it was so nice to meet you in person!

October 27, 2009

Bill & Missy

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He has a huge grin and an infectious laugh. Sure, he is might be an avid hunter and a rugged outdoorsman, but it is obvious his heart is all hers.

She is beautiful…kind, sweet, and has a heart of gold. As an elementary teacher, I am sure her students adore her.

Life is so rich and colorful with the one you love by your side.

Bill and Missy are promising forever.

Loved them…I absolutely loved working with them!

If you like, see their slide show here.


We started out on Bill’s family’s tree farm. Beautiful property.




Love the softness…


and the emotion.








October 24, 2009


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I am loving all the seniors I am meeting.

Seniors rock. Just do.

I have been wanting to share a few of this girl.


Kelsey is…

Happy-go-lucky and a ball of fun.

She says she loves talking. Really doesn’t have to be about anything of importance, just talking. And laughing. She admits to being very blonde at times. But hey, she is good at making people laugh.

“That’s just me!”

After graduation, she is planning on attending college and working towards becoming a maternity nurse.

Everybody loves her. Meet Kelsey.




Happy weekend!

October 22, 2009


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Let me share a few of this girl…

So easy and delightful to work with. So “This is me and I am happy”.

And quite pretty, yes and yes.


Morgan is….

Watching movies (romantic is the best), sewing…yes sewing, and rocking out to her ipod.

Youth group is very important and Fox, Friends, and The Office is a necessity.

Thrift stores and bargains make her quite happy and this is how she loves to shop. Unless it is for senior photos..than you splurge on this gorgeous vintage, plaid top!


After graduation, Morgan will head to college and major in accounting.

Meet Morgan…






October 20, 2009


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“I just want to live life to the fullest. I always try to stay positive…life is too short to not.  I try not to worry about what people think. Laughter is always the best medicine.”


“I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so you have to learn to let go. Things go wrong so you appreciate them when they are right. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

This is Gabby…

Maybe a little shy at first and always easy to be with. Once you get to know her …quite outgoing.

Knows free time is best spent getting comfy with a good book and coffee.

Always a loyal friend and loves just spending time with friends.

Gabby is passionate about track and field and staying in shape. She also admits to loving food, shopping, painting, and better yet….chemistry. She will be attending the university of South Florida for biomedical science and to run track.

Meet awesome Gabby…

Because Gabby loves this coffee shop, this is where we started.


The wind and sun were totally on our side…








October 16, 2009

Rain boots and tea…

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It is one of those weekends in this town…

Rain boots and mug of tea kind of weekend.

Initially I was a bit irritated. Because you see, there was big plans for the weekend. But Mr. Weather Man forgot to check my schedule. Again.

But it is still true….I absolutely love rainy days. The puddles. The umbrellas. The excuse to stay in. A reason to bake cookies, sip on tea, and read a book.

Rain-1 copy

Happy weekend to you…

October 15, 2009


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“I am always finding new things I love…it is just the way I am!”

“My favorite quote is Anyone that has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. By Albert Einstein”

“One day I will be totally into knitting scarves. The next day you will find me at the gym trying to become a really good runner….which didn’t last long. Today I am loving baking and creating cakes! In fact, I just made my friend’s wedding cake and loved every minute of it!”

“Maybe one day I will find my thing that will be my thing for the rest of my life. But right now I am doing my best to figure out who I am and having a ball doing!”

“Nothing beats making crazy and fun memories with friends. Doing something I never did before with friends is the absolute BEST. But truth be told, curling up with a good book is another best. I am always finding a reason to laugh. Life is way too short to live without it”

“I am content….I have some really great family and friends.”


You can’t help but love this girl. Bubbly and spunky and adorable.

Personality at it’s finest. For sure.

Meet Kelsey…









October 13, 2009


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Everybody likes Alex. Why? Just because. You will see.

Maybe a little quiet, go with the flow, a superb friend, and fabulous.


Alex and anything outdoors…

Such as backyard parties with friends, laying under the twinkling stars, reading a novel in the shade, going for runs, and walking doggie Finnegan.

In addition, photography and pottery make Alex happy!

She has a bright future…

After graduation, Alex is heading to school for her degree in nursing. Eventually working on her bachelor’s in nursing.

I am certain she will succeed beautifully.

Meet Alex…









Up for anything, Alex brought along her gorgeous prom gown…


October 10, 2009

Jonathan and Crystal

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To paint a picture…

Some of us wear a quiet “Love”. It may be soft grays with a punch of red every now and then. Not real obvious, but it is still strong and sweet.

And then there are some of us that wear “Love” with exuberance. I am thinking bold reds and purples. Designer brand, indeed.  Worn with pride. Obvious to the world. Laughing. Sparkling. Dedicated and vibrant. Hugs are not just a hug, but all encompassing and felt from head to toe. Arms open wide affection. And very strong and sweet. Indeed.

This is Jonathan and Crystal.

Two weeks ago today, Jonathan and Crystal promised forever.

And they did so with their entire heart and soul. Absolutely.

The day was filled with warmth. Family and friends expressed much affection and appreciation. Big brothers approved the “new man” in the family, friends shared fond memories, sisters shed a tear of happiness, and parents seemed so proud of their families.

Jonathan and Crystal, thank-you for including me in every way. It was an honor to document your day, your true love.

See the slide show  here.

Thanks again to Larry from Weaver Images for working with me.

I met Jonathan and Crystal at this beautiful location for photos.







The heartfelt “first look”. I love how this gives plenty of time for photos before the ceremony.


Totally candid…you see this is them.


Tawanda caught the next image and I love the emotion.


Sweet light pouring into the covered bridge was perfect for photos.






Loving every minute of her day…



Jonathan&Crystal37 copy



Too adorable of a flower girl to not include one shot….




And the best for last…this is Crystal and Jonathan. This is how they wore there love.


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