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September 30, 2009

Wanna Jump In?

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Several Family Days are coming up in the next few weeks. All were full…until a family needed to cancel yesterday.

You wanna jump in?!!

Details: This Saturday, October 3rd in Berks County at a sweet urban location.

Go here for more information. Email here if interested.

And because a post is just a little boring without a photo, here is a photo of a fine couple taken at last evening’s engagement session.


More to come. Happy Wednesday!

September 29, 2009

Lavern & Fannie Lynn

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It is quite simple…

They are elated to be the other’s…overjoyed to be planning forever together.

Life is not complicated at all…they are getting married and life is good.


They will spend time together just to be together….what to do is not of that much importance.

But horseback riding and friends are favorites.

She admires his kind heart, charming personality, and loves that he would do anything for anybody.

He knows she is the sweetest girl ever and loves her happy, amiable personality.

Looking forward to their big day!

Meet Lavern and Fannie Lynn….





September 25, 2009

Matt & Ony

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She planned to start her day with an early morning run. Because that is how she starts her days. Running. Ready.

There are some girls who let life guide them. Happy and content to wait and see what will happen around the next bend. Then there are some that take life by the wheel, wear their favorite designer jeans and drive fast. Real fast. Just for the sake of fast. With the windows down and the radio pumping.

Ony looks at the world with yes, a smile. But even more…a head tilted back, eyes squinted shut, bubbling up from “love of life” laughter. Just for the sake of loving to laugh.


And the man who keeps her in such a state of bliss is Matt. One glance from her and he melts into a puddle of love mush. Well kinda. Without many words… he grins, encourages, and keeps her on the road. His steady, gentle demeanor is the perfect fit with Ony’s animated, lively personality.


The details were divine. A big white tent was set up in the back yard and lights were strung through the trees. The wooden dock over the pond was selected for the first dance and an old canoe was designated as the “gift table”. Seating tags were clipped with clothe pins to twine. Quaintly painted wood signs were placed in the ground waiting to direct guests….this way for  Aunt Marilyn’s southern brewed sweet tea…this way for the scenic route…this way for the first dance. Flowers bloomed everywhere…vibrant reds and yellows. Music tinkled through the warm air. Little cousins ran and played. Family and friends did indeed travel many miles for the occasion; ready to celebrate Matt and Ony and the “good life”.


Dad watches from the doorway!

IMG_4658 copy






Yup, the day is here!












Loved the vibrant hues of the flowers against the girls dresses.




Music pounded and the guests cheered and clapped to the beat as Ony and Matt entered the reception.


Lovely details.


Evening crept over the festivities.


Thanks again to Larry from Weaver Images for working with me and helping to capturing the day.

Matt and Ony, you both truly make each other that much more wonderful. Thank-you for allowing me to join you on your wedding day. It was an honor. Ony, may you always laugh with your head tilted back and live with your whole heart. I am certain your wedding day was only the start of the “good life” together.

Stop here to see the slide show.

September 23, 2009

Modern Bride

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So what exactly defines the modern bride?

Hey, you can go many ways with this….but I am thinking Chucks fall in there. For sure.

More to come…


September 22, 2009


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Seniors have a passion, excitement, eagerness, and vulnerability about them that is so…well, alive.

The future is an open door. The years ahead hold so much potential. Life may have dealt a few blows, but life is still oh, so sweet.

I love this about seniors.


So pretty, grounded, kind, and just happy to be living life!

Meet Heather.







I met with Heather twice. We had to get photos of both hairstyles…of course.Heather-1


September 18, 2009

More to come…

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Um, yeah…adorable.

More to come of this gorgeous gal…


It is the weekend….live it up!

September 17, 2009

Jayce & Nicole

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It is one of life’s sweetest pleasures… to be loved and to know that you are loved. To know you have somebody that thinks the world of you. To know somebody will be there when you hurt, or want to celebrate, or just need to be quite. To find somebody in this big, big world that will travel the mountains and valleys by your side.

Their smiles and laughter were so genuine …so tender and real.

Knowing that no one but the other could make him so happy…that no one but the other could make her heart spill over with this much joy. Realizing that it’s simple….they have each other and life is good.

The reception was held on the gorgeous grounds of Welkinweir. Carson from Carson Smucker Video was great to work with. A big thanks to Larry from Weaver Images for working with me and rocking his camera.

Jayce and Nicole, by yourselves you are wonderful…together you are perfect. May you relish the little things you have been anticipating…snuggling on your living room couch, spending Saturday night in Home Depot, cooking dinner together, just “being” side by side.

Thank-you for allowing me to document your big day. It was truly a pleasure.

Stop here to see their slide show.


The hustle and bustle of preparing for the moment.

Beautiful detail on Nicole’s dress.


Mirror shot, eh?!!



A stunning bride, indeed.


Oh, the excitement of…it’s almost time! A wonderful group of bridesmaids.


IMG_6625-2 copy







A few details from the reception.


And a parting shot….’cause I like the tender, heartfelt candidness of this photo.


September 15, 2009


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Meet Kailah, folks!


She told me she is a book nerd.

But I say knowledgeable, intelligent, and capable!

Books. She thrives on books and dreams of writing someday.

When she is not reading a novel or studying English, Kailah enjoys lacrosse and can’t imagine life without her iPod.

A gentle smile and pretty eyes. Looking into the future with anticipation…this is Kailah.






September 11, 2009

I Do. Therefore, I Learn…

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I do. Therefore, I learn.

Computer language was never and still is not a language I am fluent in. In fact, it was not that long ago I was driving myself to a local library’s free computer class. I was going to learn how to cut and paste! Yes, yes I was.

Eventually the computer turned into a friend and not a machine that made me want to pound the keyboard. And now my MacBook is one of my bestest friends. Although, the amount of time we spend together cannot be healthy. And there are times Mac still makes me glare and growl, but we usually can work it out. And somehow I got to the place that I can’t imagine life without Mac. I find friends from grade school on FaceBook, take care of most all client interaction via email,  have business relationships with people I stumbled upon online, follow your blog and your next door neighbor’s blog, can talk to my sister’s pretty face in New Zealand by  Skype, check the weather, find a cookie recipe, shop for shoes, and find fashion inspiration,  all with Mr. Mac. And God knows, I even went to the fabulous Google University for much of my photography training.

Computers have changed much of the way we do life.

It’s truly astounding how many people have joined social networking in such a short amount of time.

Take a look at this video. Some of the statistics are astounding.

And because no post is complete with out something sugary sweet and so very pretty….

Meet Megan!


A HUGE heart and a gentle smile with a sparkle in her eyes!




It is Friday! Yaaaay…have a wonderful weekend!

September 9, 2009


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She shines inside and out.

Warm, friendly, bubbly, happy, talkative, talented, and just loving each new day.

And look at her…crisp, clean and beautifully chic.


Lisa is a soccer champ, would be lost without her friends, and get this….enjoys being involved in community service projects.

She is anticipating attending college after graduation. Accounting it is. From there….her masters.

Meet Lisa….


Great shoes deserve the spot light for a shot!






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