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August 7, 2009

Just Because….

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We all have things. Things that make our hearts sing. Maybe it’s because someone special gave it or it has a splendid memory attached or for no other reason than it makes our heart sing.

So just because I love details, a few things that make me happy from my kitchen…

Teapot. Given as a gift. The whistle of a teapot is a good sound and love the vibrant blueness.

Basil. Fragrance at it finest. And better yet, it makes me feel all “chef like” when I use fresh basil for dinner.

Blueberries. Summer produce always makes me happy. We love these little berries.

Mugs. Wedding gift from my mother. I can remember so well searching for the perfect dinnerware with her. If it was important to me, it was a priority to her also. So we searched a myriad of stores. Always used with affection.

Dish towels. Colorful. Gotta do those dishes…

Cake stand. Found on the clearance shelf without a price tag. Perfect, right? Got it for three bucks. Martha Stewart would even have to agree that’s a good buy.

Happy summer, Friday!


August 4, 2009

Delvin & Michelle

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Two big hearts of gold. Yes, and so so happy to be together. Genuine joy and contentment to be side by side.

Her blue eyes spoke it quite clearly….as they are bluest when she is the happiest. For sure, I am told!

Thank-you Delvin and Michelle…you seem perfect for each other. Wishing you the absolute best!

Stop here to see their slide show.

All white roses…simple, clean, and so pretty.











August 1, 2009


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No pretenses.

My friend stated these two words and they have been running through my mind ever since. So allow me to ramble a bit or just ignore and skip to the pictures.:)

No pretenses. None. Just being. This is me and this is just me. Simply being who I am. Hmmm, I like that. Sounds so free and so simple. Why are we all about doing and being? Recently I heard and I quote, “We would stop worrying what people think of us if we knew how little they really did.” Reality check! How did I get so self-absorbed?!! Striving to be. Struggling to perfect. Pushing forward. Straining for importance. Clinging and grasping. It’s rather exhausting. Frustrating, yes. Ungratifying, yes. Suffocating, definitely!

No pretenses. My heart not guarded; but open, pulsating, and maybe even raw at times. This is who I was created to be.  So therefore I am. Just am. It’s not instinct, but feels right. I am thinking more life than we ever imagined is possible in this state. No pretenses…I like it.

And now the real reason for this post…

Alexa! Meet gorgeous, gorgeous Alexa….










Soccer super queen!



You can never go wrong with a good pair of cowboy boots!



Because the light was getting low at this point, this image does not have the “pop” I like to get. But there is something about the softness of this image that I love.


Alexa, thanks for spending time with me and allowing me to look at you through the lens! Best wishes as you head into your senior year!

And August 1st?!! Really? How did it happen? But it is still summer…. so have super summer weekend!

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