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July 30, 2009

The Burkholder Family

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Family. There is something about a family….a strong, solid family that feels so right. This mother put it into words perfectly…better than a warm sweatshirt on a brisk autumn morning. It feels good. It feels good to observe.

I mentioned coffee in an earlier post. Lynn  roasts and offers delectable coffee and I will witness, it is so worth the extra effort to get the real thing! I am loving my samples he shared with me. Try and you will see, I promise!

Speaking of families, I know many are waiting on the family day details. It’s coming, hoping to get details out next week.

I am going to let the sweet mother introduce her family. I believe she can tell you about them much better than me….

Burkholder’s and spending time together…We love sitting around at night drinking tea, talking over life. We love music and all of us are moved and affected by tight, smooth, sweet tunes. Laughing around the table at stupidity just makes life seem like it can’t get any better. We are an individualistic bunch and opinions are what we revel in. We offer them freely. We talk about authenticity a lot, it motivates us. What unites us is our love for each other that transcends our differences. Wrapping our arms around each other and a good snuggle is better than a warm sweatshirt on a brisk autumn morning.

Robyn, our oldest, is marrying her love. Everything that will be seen at the wedding has a touch of her hand and her creative mind, from the handmade wedding programs to luminaries on the reception table, it is all her. She will make a fine English high school teacher after one more year at West Chester University. Watch out students, sit tall because she’ll take no flack. She’s had practice mothering five siblings.

Chris, our oldest son, just loves meeting people and discovering their life. Music drives him and keeps him up at night. He is driven to jump off ramps, to do flips, to run up walls. He tells us it is what he has to do! Kutztown University’s jazz music department will benefit from the likes of Christopher Burkholder.

Kathryn lives in her own category, just hers. She’s quiet but she’s not. She loves honesty, her friends, running, doing. Philosophizing is what she does best and getting her deep thoughts is an honor.

Geoff is the guy who knows everyone and knows where everything is in the house because he can’t keep his hands off of anything! He wakes up every morning with a need for an agenda.

Nicole wakes up with an amazing amount of patience, she’s willing to wait, just wait. She loves coloring, talking to her small scope of friends, and being a silent observer, just taking it all in. She is a beautiful young girl.

Jesse, like the others, is a gift to our family. He is a packed little boy. He grabs his guitar or sits at the piano and plays his own songs that are the same every time. He runs outside and hops on his bike and zips around. His energy mounts. As Lynn and I move into old age, this is our little man who will be the fountain of our youth for us.

Meet the Burkholder family…


Lynn told me his family fits an urban location. So he choose good ‘ol Lancaster city!


It was clear this family loved Jesse!




A close up of pretty Kathryn.





This shot was their idea and it seem to fit them. Victory it is!


I can’t help it…big, huge, and old doors just make me happy.


And one last super-duper close up of Jesse that Tawanda caught!


Thanks for giving me a window into your family, guys….it was a privilege!

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  1. Char, these are BEAUTIFUL!!! Have I told you I absolutely love your work! I’ll be watching your website like a hawk for the family dates!

    Comment by Mel — July 30, 2009 @ 3:59 am

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