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June 3, 2009


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I had the privilege of meeting and photographing Kathy, a musician and writer.

Kathy tells me…

“I love the adventures of life, and embrace everyday…greatly anticipating what each new horizon will bring! With great expectancy and hope, I long to fulfill God’s plan for my life. I thank God daily that He has pulled me out of a past trashed and littered with compromise, and set my feet firmly on the Rock of His Word.”

Her heart and vision for the book she is currently working on?!! To share some of the hurts and disappointments she’s endured. To share how God’s Word has given her a new lease on life, equipping her with the courage needed to pull down strongholds and strength to overcome adversities.

Kathy tells me she is passionate. Passionate about helping people discover the truth. With her husband and four daughters, ages 4-10, she travels and sings with the band “Breakthrough.” They perform at many functions and love the thrill of driving into new towns and meeting and touching the lives of many wonderful people.

Quite simply, she has a message to share…God’s redeeming love for all.

So kind and easy to work with, let me share a few of Kathy…

June 2, 2009


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June makes summer seem so official. I love summer. Love the warm sun, love blooming peonies, love burgers on the grill, love garden fresh spinach, and love the “no shoes” policy summer allows. But why does summer always go so fast?!! Always. It seems just as summer gets started, pools are closing and fall begins to show up. So sometimes I feel as if I am digging in my heels all summer saying…”No, another week gone again? Go away Christmas!!!”

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making all the plans.”

I came across this quote and loved it! How often do we do that? Live for tomorrow?!! Planning and preparing and hoping or fretting about tomorrow while life happens today. Okay. So I will make the most of the warm sunshine. Pick a bouquet of Peonies for the kitchen table. Throw together a salad with greens from my very own neighborhood instead of California.

And relish the ease of kiddos being able to put on their on shoes!

Happy June! Happy Summer!

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