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June 29, 2009

More Kiddos!

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A few more from the Kiddo Day!

First of all, let me acknowledge a few folks that helped pull this day off…

My dear friend, Ann for simply being there and organizing snacks, goodie bags, and all those important details.

Kelsi and Janae for taking care of the paperwork, balloons, and of course… making faces at the kids and helping get the shots!

And Tawanda for shooting along side of me and getting lots of super close ups.

This isĀ  Olivia. Olivia is three and is so pretty…



Meet Mason. Mason is five.


Melt me heart! This is Karson.


And Karson’s brother, Kyler.


All three!

IMG_1011 copy

Eyes that laugh…Lily and her big sister, Mya.


Lauren is wee little at only five months!


Meet Anika….so pleasant and all grins.


Tanner and Gordan. Two of a kind with the biggest grins of the day!


And another of Damien and Stephen.


June 27, 2009

10 Years!

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Seriously, ten years? I mean, I know time goes fast and all…but how really did ten years happen?!!

Andrew is my man.

Ten years ago he promised forever and has stuck by my side ever since! Manned a paint brush when I established that yes indeed, our house needed new paint on all the walls…’cause sunshine yellow would be perfect, you see. Listened when all I could think and breathe was getting a “real nice” camera. Stopped his life with me when I sobbed uncontrollably over the loss of my mother. Was right there when my world seemed to be turned inside out with the arrival of our first son. Patiently gave support or maybe it was forbearance as I put hours and hours into training for a half marathon, tried on six outfits in the Target dressing room, and knew… yes knew that a DQ milkshake was imperative for life to continue.
Ten years. I thought I fully understood what it meant to love then. But after ten years, it looks so different. It’s better.
And it is really quite simple. You see, I am good. I can prepare a grilled cheese sandwich, paint my toenails pink, and answer emails all at once. But all he really wants is me. My heart. Me smiling at him. Maybe laughing at his jokes, being ummmm… excited about the NBA scores, or hearing out his plans and aspirations.
Andrew is mine and I love him, ten year kind of love…. with all my heart.
So boys are going to Grandma’s for the weekend, and we are jumping on a borrowed bike and going…well, really don’t know where yet. We just know we are going and that’s all that really matters.

Have a super weekend!

IMG_4439 copy

June 25, 2009


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Kiddos it is!
After fretting and growling at the unsettled forecast and then waking up to rain, I admitted the rainy weather had won. So we shuffled details and emailed and emailed. Everybody involved was so easy and willing to rearrange days and times and we got the day rescheduled!
Such fine and handsome little people showed up. Some delighted to be dressed up all pretty. A few glared at the camera! Some wanted to run and play in the fields and others would sit quietly and smile. Unique. Charming. Lively and perky.
It was a privilege!
Let me share a few from the day. More to come!

Meet Stephen.


And his big brother Damien. Damien handled the camera with ease…



This is Myla. Myla is one and has gorgeous eyes!


And Myla’s big sister, Ella…


Meet this darling, Emerson…


And all her brothers…



Next is Cole…


And Cole’s dapper little brother, Tyler…

And also sweet Kyleigh. Kyleigh makes me feel like a million bucks because this is the third time she has allowed me to photograph her.


Thanks to each one of you. More kiddo faces to come!

June 22, 2009

Todd & Angie

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I am certain they didn’t think the day could come soon enough!
It was obvious in the way he looked at her for the first time as she walked the aisle.
It was obvious in the kiss. Just obvious. Where would life’s paths take them? I don’t think knowing this would have made a bit of difference…as long as they were together.
Their moment had arrived. Before those near and dear they promised. Promised to remain side by side for always.
At the end of the day as guests were saying goodbyes and the gifts were being carried out, Todd summed it up nicely…
“This has been the best day of my life. Perfect. It all was perfect.”
Congratulations, Todd and Angie! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your day. I wish you the absolute, very best.

Go here to see their slide show.





IMG_3046 copy


Larry-1953 copy

Larry-2115 copy


June 18, 2009


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What do you think? Handsome?
I believe that describes him quite well!
Just a few of him and his family…




June 15, 2009

Shane & Sheri

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Perfect! Yes, I think very perfect.

You see, the day was splendid…the warm sun twirled and danced with a breeze.

The location was lovely. Perfect for a wedding ceremony under the blue sky.

The details, well…they were delicious. An abundance of details. All impeccably planned and coordinated! You will see.

Friends and family traveled many miles for the celebration.

Their day arrived….and it was perfect!

Many thanks to Larry from Weaver Images for working with me and rocking his camera! Twin Pine Manor Bed and Breakfast provided the beautiful grounds and were so accommodating and easy to work with.

Sheri and Shane, it was a privilege to be part of your day. Thank you for allowing me to document your gorgeous wedding day! Much appreciation. I wish you nothing but the absolute best as you follow your hearts!

Click here to see the slide show.

June 12, 2009


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Yippee for weekends!

There is something so ummm…nice about weekends. Yes, nice indeed. Throw in the fact that the weather man is saying sun…warm sun!

Two times perfect. Cherry on the top. Double whammy.

Whatever, weekends and sun are nice. Really nice.

And there is something about this photo….I don’t know, it just makes me happy!

More to come of this fantastic couple!

Go and have yourself a splendid weekend!

June 10, 2009


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Fragrantly sweet juciness and so bright and red and cheery…


June means these berries are at their finest. And fine they are!

So strawberry milkshakes and strawberry shortcake and strawberry pie it is.

Springtime and strawberries…

June 9, 2009


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Hey folks!

Today I want to introduce to you Amber!

Amber is a total gem…sweet as a lollipop, warmhearted, sparkling smile, and with a edge that is her very own!

Meet Amber…

June 5, 2009

Leon & Katelyn

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So genuine and real….and totally all smiles.

‘Cause, you see…they are gonna get married!

Looking forward to their day this fall!

See their slide show here!

Meet Leon and Katelyn…

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