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May 7, 2009

Little brother

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This photo was taken last summer. Because I am updating framed prints, I pulled it up again. Well, I fell in love with it all over! He was spending the afternoon at my house, wearing a way too big t-shirt, and dirty from playing outdoors. Sometimes no planning makes the best photos!

He’s my little brother, Brandon.  I am allowed to think he is the cutest kid ever!

May 5, 2009

John & Emilee

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Maybe it is her gentle but direct approach to life. So pretty, educated, well spoken, and quite organized. She will have every detail exceptionally planned. Maybe it’s John’s lively grin. His “love life” perspective and quick jokes. And he not only owns a great blue truck, but also a jeep and a motorcycle. Yup, he has a way of making her eyes sparkle for sure!

These two seem perfect together.

Time together and being side side is all that matters! College and distance kept them apart quite a bit, so time together is cherished. After a number of years together, these two tell me they have learned a lot about relationships. Learned how to always put the each other before themselves. Learned what is means to be in love. Truly in love.

They are counting down the days until their day in June. Late spring and next to a sparkling lake…I am certain the wedding will be gorgeous!

See more at the slide show!

May 2, 2009

Just Because

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I am sure you photogs out there have heard of the  Shootsac, designed to be worn comfortably over the shoulder with lens tucked safely inside! Well, I did and always admired but wasn’t certain I really needed it. I mean, the photo gadgets available are everywhere and I didn’t want to spend my pennies on something that wouldn’t make me be a better photographer. But I ran into this frustrating scenario quite often, especially at weddings. I shoot with three main lens and will switch them frequently throughout the day. So I lugged my big back Canon bag along with me. But I always ran into two problems. Either I couldn’t remember exactly where I stashed the my big black bag as I ran from one location to the next or else I didn’t have the lens I needed at my fingertips and time didn’t allow me to once again locate my bag! Yeah, frustrating!

So I got some birthday money and I got some Christmas money and I got myself a Shootsac!

And besides, a little color always makes me happy!

And his smile always makes me really happy!

Super-duper weekend to you!

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