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May 29, 2009


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Fashion just seems to fit perfectly with some. Kinda like strawberries and ice cream. Or sweet tea and a lemon slice. And of course, dark chocolate and nuts. You know, they could wear the exact same thing as me and on me it is well, nice. Like, niiiice! Like, I think I had that outfit last year. On them, it’s….wow! Like, where did you get that ’cause I want it too so maybe I can look like you!

Fashion. Hmmmm, I love it!

I had so much fun working with Alexia. Yup, almost thought I was dreaming and on a fashion shoot for J.Crew! She needed little direction form me. I let her work the camera and she did with ease. I simply smiled, clicked away, and my favorite….played with the sweet sunlight!

Meet Alexia! Alexia will be heading to college for fashion merchandising. Fashion and Alexia get along quite well! You will see…

Take a look at her slide show here.

Alexia, thanks for allowing me to spend some time with you. Best wishes as you pursue your goals….I am certain you will succeed!

May 26, 2009

Mervin and Esther

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Past the the green meadow, by the barn, through the stone farmhouse’s front door and up the stairs…

She serenely and ever so calmly chose a favorite on her iPod, waited as final touches were done to hair, slipped into the dress, and smiled. Smiled at her girls as they buzzed around her with laughter and excitement. Smiled at a last minute peek in the mirror. Smiled out the window overlooking all the preparations. Smiled. Today she was marrying her sweetheart.

And he was ready. As he told the story, he knew and “liked” his girl way back in grade school when he thought she was so very cute. Today he was ready to take her by the hand for always.

The day was filled to the brim with ever so many wonderful, little details. And not only that, it overflowed with laughter and big hugs.

Mervin and Esther…you melt my heart. You love each other and love life in such an evident way. Your wedding was a true reflection of the love you share. Thank-you for sharing your life and allowing us to document your day…it was a pleasure.

Go here to see the slide show of their day.


Mervin and Esther scheduled plenty of time for photos which was so awesome!

The reception dinner was held in the barn, on Esther’s home farm. Beautiful!

May 22, 2009


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Fashion diva…check!


All of the above…check!

Okay, okay. A senior representative from Elco High School. You will be seeing more of this gorgeous girl later this summer.

Meet Abby!

It’s Friday! I plan on taking a break from this computer and smiling at the sun over the next few days!

Super holiday weekend to you!

May 20, 2009


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Ever have brownies delivered to your doors step?!! Nope, me either…that is until this past weekend. And not just any brownies. But double, dark chocolate chunk all tied up in a bright, red bow!

The delivery man and I are on a first name basis as he seems to stop by here a couple times a week, but this was the first time brownies were in among the packages.

Chocolate delivered to my doorstep…I was happy! Is it not amazing how a simple gesture of kindness can speak volumes? Sometimes we get so busy, busy…we have no time to touch others around us. But really, I am the one missing out when I run right past people and the blessings that I might have received!

Sigh, take a breath and slow down and smile at somebody and maybe even share my brownies…

And thanks to the sweet mother of these kiddos for the “brownies on my doorstep”!

And a big thank-you to everybody’s quick response… the “Kiddo Day” filled quickly.

Thanks so, so much and looking forward to meeting everybody and kiddos!

May 18, 2009

Danielle and Justin

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He says with affection and a grin….”She is my total package girl! And then some.”

She says with a light in her eyes…”I may be feeling blue, until Justin steps into my day! No matter what, he can always make my day smile again.”

Simply put, they enjoy every minute in each other’s company.

These two are gonna get married!

Meet Danielle and Justin! Check out their slide show here!

I can’t help but love this one…

Gorgeous bride-to-be indeed!

May 15, 2009

Kiddo Day!

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Little but mighty.

Innocent and so mischievous.

Exasperating and way to adorable.

Little people…gotta love them!

This will be a day all about and just for little people. Do kids like getting their pictures taken? Nope, usually not! But do kids like a good time? Of course, so we will do our best to combine both!

I have been looking forward to this….

And I am thinking some super fun props will be just the thing!

Instead of scheduling child sessions all throughout the summer, I have decided to have a day tailored just for them! By the way, the Alexander Schaeffer Farm is located in Schaefferstown!

Email me for additional info and to reserve your spot!

May 14, 2009


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He is two and he is two! Need I say more?

Oh, and cute as a button!

And speaking of kids…come back tomorrow!  I will be posting more info on a “just for and all about kids” day.

Meet Tyler….

May 11, 2009

Mike & Janae

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Details! The details were exquisite and perfectly aligned. The gorgeous vanilla cream dress with a vintage flair. Shoes with just enough bling. And the rusty rose peonies tucked in among the wild mixture of hydrangeas.

Simple and easy. All that really mattered was each other.  Kinda like realizing life’s best is sometimes the simplest. Just thrilled to be promising love for life. Just thrilled to jump in Mike’s truck and drive towards forever.

Mike and Janae…shared strawberry milkshakes, truck rides on warm summer nights, weekend mornings to sleep in….and all those little treasures that make you smile. Together. Forever.

I had the pleasure of assisting Rick from Titus Touch Photography. Let me just say, Rick has been a perfect example of generosity and the value of learning from those that have been there and done that. I am so blessed to have learned so much from the experience of those around me.

See a few more at the slide show. Mike and Janae….

May 10, 2009

Mother’s Day…

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Grubby, little hands proudly shoving dandelions into our hands.

“For you, Mom…look what I picked for you!”

It’s a classic…

Happy Mother’s day!

May 9, 2009


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You know how people talk about having “the glow”?!! I mean, it sounds nice and all, but really….reality?

Well, now I know it really is true…for some of us at least!

Kathi radiates warmth and a genuine peace along side a lot of spunk! And she glowed. She told me dad-to-be thinks this is the greatest thing ever. Preparations are being made and one by one the calendar days are crossed off.

It’s true….baby is on the way!

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