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April 29, 2009

Senior Reps

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I consider it quite a privilege to be able to work with seniors! I love seeing them laugh, catching the sparkle in their eyes, having them relax with the camera, and getting the shots that make them feel, well…like they are truly gorgeous enough to be featured in the next “Glamour” magazine!

Let me introduce these fine gals! I had a hard time choosing…more to come!

Ever so fine Jessica from Ephrata High School…

Sweet and so very pretty Kelsey from Manheim Twp. High School…

Suave and adorable Katelyn from Warwick High School…

So very lovely Kaitlynn from Tulpehocken High School…

Sassy and handsome Shannon from Pine Grove High School…

April 27, 2009


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Teeny. Innocent. Totally dependent. And oh so darling!

Meet Caden…

It is Monday! Mondays ever feel like “Where do I start and is my ‘to do’ last THAT long?” to you?!! Yeah, me too. So I grind some coffee beans as coffee always helps my perspective and then I promise myself I will get that new outfit that I KNOW would rock my world and then I am good to go! Okay, maybe not! But I do have my windows open this morning and the sun is sooo warm and this always makes me happy!

Happy Monday to you!

April 24, 2009

Matt & Lena

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The sun sparkled across the green meadow and the big stone barn….

They stood side by side. He wrapped his long arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. She gave him a “I know you” smile. Today was their day.

Among those dearest, they pledged their devotion. Pledged love. Pledged to stay side by side. Until their last breath. Matt and Lena radiated from the joy they shared in marrying their soul mate.

It was evident in the laughter and hugs exchanged, family and friends came together to celebrate this day. It was a privilege to document!

Matt and Lena…may you have many walks in the moonlight, milk and cookies at midnight, baseball games won, and years side by side!

See more at the slide show.

April 23, 2009

Just Because…

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He is three….

First thing on his agenda? Pancakes! If I throw in a few chocolate chips, he thinks I am the best mom in the world. His only standing appointment is 2pm afternoon nap. His biggest challenge? Getting on his rain boots and keeping the block tower from tumbling. Not too miss out on anything, he is ALWAYS on the run.

Yup, Adler is three and makes the most of everyday.

Because he is growing up fast. Too fast. I grabbed my camera…

April 20, 2009


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Beautiful Mommy! Beautiful Baby!


Meet Chase…

It is Monday and the rain is playing it’s music! Perfect! As kiddos allow, this computer will be my companion today! Mug of hot tea, pitter-patter of raindrops, and me and my computer!

Happy Monday to you!

April 15, 2009

Jonathan & Crystal

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Laughter. Lots of it. Laughter skipped across the grass as we shot this session. Laughter seems to be key to who these two are!

She says…The sparkle in his eyes when he looks my way. The way it feels when he grabs my hand. Watching him play sports. I love it!

He says…From the first time I saw her, there was no stopping. She’s got such a sweet and subtle way about her. And she’s gorgeous!

Both are anticipating many years by the other’s side. And laughter. An overabundance of laughter and fun will be right there also.

A September wedding is planned. If their sparkle today is any indication, it will be beautiful.

Stop HERE to see the slide show.

Meet Jonathan and Crystal!

April 13, 2009

Tiny bits of happiness…

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Tiny bits of happiness make life so much more, well happy!

I mean, in a way I think these give more “happy” than the grand and flamboyant happiness!

Such as a morning to sleep in or a perfectly organized closet or garden tomatoes!

And right up there on my list is McDonalds coffee! I don’t like fast food. In fact, kinda detest it.

But combine a rainy morning and a drive through cup of McDonalds coffee….happiness! Somehow, they got the coffee thing right. Hey, they even put in the cream and sugar in for you!

Tiny bits of  happiness…

Here’s to another week! Happy Monday!

April 10, 2009

Matt and Ony

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She looks at life with a sparkle in her eye. And laughter! She seems to know with out a doubt, her man is there. Ready and strong…an anchor. In fact, she is ready to move miles away from home to be by his side. And he can’t help himself, maybe it’s her radiant smile or her ability to make him forget everything else…he knows she’s something special. And he quite proud to call her “his girl”!

September can’t come fast enough for Matt and Ony! I know the wedding will be amazing!

Go here to see the slide show!

April 7, 2009

Reggie & Nicole

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They were friends. Seen each other around. But her heart skipped a beat when he walked in the room. And he couldn’t get her off his mind. They were happiest in each others company. So they were friends. Just friends.

Today they are still friends. And then some! It might be watching a movie, going out for dinner, or dreaming about tomorrow…they are happiest in each others company! Today they are soul mates.

The wedding is planned for August! I am certain it will be gorgeous!

Click here to see the slide show.

Meet Nicole and Reggie…

Vera Bradley….oh, yeah!

April 3, 2009

You and Me…

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You and me…we are gonna get married!

More to come of this fantastic couple!

Super weekend to you!

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