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March 5, 2009

Rodney & Rochelle

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They compliment each other! They bring out the good, the best in the other!

She knows with out a doubt, he is the one.

He knows where he is going and knows he wants her by his side.

And they could not be more happy with this!

Settled and ready…today was there day. To celebrate Rodney and Rochelle and love. Completely.  Finally.

The day began in the early morning hours on Rochelle’s family farm. Let me share of few of Rodney and Rochelle’s day…

Early morning….

Meira, Rochelle’s niece,  is the flower girl!


  1. Char thanks so much for being a part of our day! I love the pictures and am so happy with them!

    Comment by Rochelle — March 5, 2009 @ 6:49 am

  2. AWWW… Rochelle, your pics are so lovely!! You were a very beautiful bride! Char, great job!!

    Comment by Lisa — March 5, 2009 @ 7:44 am

  3. Rochelle, your pics are cute! I loved your flowers! That has to be my favorite, the white flowers with greens.
    You and Rodney look like you could be brother and sister!

    Comment by Lori — March 5, 2009 @ 9:33 am

  4. love love love the pictures…your very beautiful, love them…

    Comment by Whitney — March 5, 2009 @ 2:12 pm

  5. aww so gorgeous! great job once again Char…Rochelle Can’t wait to see them all of my favorite couple :) *Smiles*

    Comment by Kayla — March 5, 2009 @ 4:28 pm

  6. Rochelle, your pics are beautiful!! :) :) Char did an amazing job!! I love the one of Meira!!! Soooo cute :)

    Comment by Sheri — March 6, 2009 @ 2:08 pm

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