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February 26, 2009

Good for the Soul….

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Sometime the “normal” can feel so normal and we forget that there is life away from the normal “normal”! I don’t mind “normal” and in fact, “normal” to me is often times like an old pair of broken in running shoes. I know I love them and are afraid to replace them because what if the new ones just don’t fit quite as well?!! They may be new and look pretty and all, but they are not broken in and familiar! So when  Andrew said a vacation would be good and even necessary, I kinda drug my feet a little! I mean it sounded good, but I was in my routine and would my “to do” list….well, could it wait?!! Yikes, did I just admit that?!! But you know what….time away from the normal is good for the soul! Gives perspective to take a step back! Life is so much bigger than my little sphere! In fact, most people really don’t care about my little world! My little world that can consume me, if I let it!

So yes, time away is good!

Throw in some Florida sunshine, a warm breeze, and fresh, local produce…time away is good for the soul!

He’s mine! Sunset on the beach…

Love the punchy colors in the area…

February 20, 2009


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Yup, I am from a family of eight kids. So since I am on a sibling roll, let me post a few of my little sister! My little sister is now 16 and at times seems to have wisdom way beyond her years. She shines with a sincerity and a peace. She always seems to have a smile despite life’s circumstances…always ready to give to those around her!

Amber is my little sister and I just can’t help myself…I think she is the best! Meet Amber!

We took these photos on two different days. This day it happened to be raining…thus the curly hair!

February 17, 2009


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She is a dark chocolate and hot tea kinda girl!

She tells me she is extremely go-with-the flow…tell her where to be and she will  be there having as much fun as possible!

Driving with the music cranked up…

Loves tennis, plays the piano, and is going to learn guitar…

Has a bestest friend, a dog named Brady…

Thrives on being around people and loves time to herself…

Looking forward to attending Messiah College and eventually working in the medical field…

This is Ellen! Let me share a few!

February 14, 2009


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I “heart” him! And his jeans too!!!

Happy Valentine’s day to you!

February 12, 2009


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She’s got a heart of gold…and an adventurous spirit!

She has a quiet steadfastness…and is somehow free as the wind!

She has had a lot placed on her shoulders…and came through so very alive!

Yup, Crystal will be jumping on a plane and flying around the world in a few days! She will be working as staff for a WYAM base in New Zealand! Gonna miss her big time!

She is me sister..and I am proud of her!

All her contact info…I know she would love to hear from you!

February 10, 2009

Little brothers!

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Little brothers and skateboards! Oh yeah, it’s all about the …ya know, stuff that really matters! Such as skateboards that got the right name on and have lots of battle scars because that means that you are really good and all! Ollies, flip kicks, 180’s and such and such…

These are my very own little brothers!

So I am allowed to think they are all that and then some! Or in their language…saweeeeeeet!

Meet Jordan and Brandon!

Jordan was determined to get a shot freezing a little of his talent! Really…he is quite good!

February 7, 2009

Just because…

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February 5, 2009


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I like expressions! I like words! I like portraying thoughts and emotions! Quite honestly, I am not real good at expressing my thoughts and feelings verbally! Sometimes it feels as if it comes out all wrong. I walk away feeling frustrated with myself because I just couldn’t seem to express what I was feeling! I am sure the other person is left believing something that isn’t what I was trying to say in the first place! That ever happen to you?!! Some folks have a knack with words, I don’t!

Life revolves around thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Our insecurities. Our strengths. Our fears. Who we think we are!  What we believe others think about us!!!

As I take pictures, I ask myself…who is this person? How can I best portray that? It is almost as if God has allowed me to express myself by clicking the shutter! To connect and understand, maybe even bless people.

Animation. Boldness. Character. Liveliness. Spunk. Zest. Sassy. Warmth. Pizazz. Pluck. Punchy. Zing and zest. Intense. Tough. Affection. Sincerity. Passion. Joy. Resolve. Vigor. Sparkle. The list could go on…

Today it is….peace, trust, and serenity!

Meet Kherington Alyce!

Born just a few days before Christmas!

February 2, 2009


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There are a few things in life I love! No, I ADORE! I know these may seem a bit well, normal…but allow me to enjoy life’s most fabulous ordinary!

Dish soap that smells too good to be just dish soap!

The rain playing it’s music on my windows!

Homemade iced tea over ice cubes, clinking in a glass!

And girlfriends! It is quite simple…gotta have girlfriends!

Naomi and Janae are best of friends! A senior session along side a best friend was a super idea…

Let me tell you a little about Janae! She says she really does not have to do anything amazing to have a good time! She adores running. Deep conversations. Campfires and star gazing. Volleyball. Traveling and other cultures. Language and accents. Kids because they are sunshine! Guitar and flute. Quality time with family. Spur of the moment plans. Food. And of course, her girlfriends! She is anticipating a missions trip to Papua New Guinea! College is in the plans for this fall!

Meet Janae!

Let me tell you a little about Naomi!

Also goes by Aimee and loves to laugh! She says, “I love to laugh and see life for what it is! I believe experimenting and widening horizons are so very important! I am passionate about other people!”

Naomi adores music…playing, singing, dancing, or listening! Quiet evenings at home. Reading and writing. Her family. Any sport. Piano, violin, and guitar. Coffee. God. Running until the lungs hurt…under a black sky sparkling with stars! Comfortable pajamas and good food! And her bestest girlfriends!

Meet Naomi!

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