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January 7, 2009


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Meet John and Colleen and family!

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to capture this family being just that…a family!

Weekends are meant for playing! So, weekends and being a family means gardening, entertaining, b-ball, and picnics by the pool with friends! Dinner out… Ichiban is the place! Colleen is a talented scrapbooker and a even more fabulous photographer! John coaches soccer and loves to mountain bike!

Isaac learns quickly and loves to read.

Natalie is all about “social”! Anybody that crosses her path…has got a new friend!

Colleen had several super locations picked out! I was thrilled, as I always love new locations! It was a pleasure…meet this family!

January 5, 2009

John & Rose

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A bright, crisp and cold morning with sunlight sparkling on a fresh blanket of soft snow! Hustle and bustle of last minute preparations! Pure white flowers with little sprigs of red berries, ready and waiting! Rose putting on the finishing touches. John arriving in the antique truck! It was true…today was their day!

They were happy. Settled. Ready. The day was going to be perfect and I don’t believe anybody or anything could have convinced them otherwise! Maybe it was the way he looked at his bride or the beaming smile on her face….all day. They knew this day was made for only them!

John and Rose are some of the most kind, considerate, and genuinely in love people I have ever encountered! The day was filled with the rich warmth of strong family ties, exchanged bear hugs,  tears and prayers! It was quite clear, their guests truly loved John and Rose and believed in them and their day! Everybody wanted to show their support and found numerous ways to do so!

Thank-you, John and Rose for allowing me to document the day when God stopped to give you the blessing of foreverness! I wish you nothing less than joy and happiness! God bless!

All the brothers!

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

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I have been blessed…

A privilege…certainly a privilege!

I was given a small window into your lives as I photographed your families!

Through that window, I watched. And I smiled as I watched!

You see, I saw it numerous times. Maybe you spoke it or maybe it was your actions that spoke it quite clearly! It’s not something I ever really thought about before. Or maybe I just took it for granted. But it was there over and over again! And as I seen it, it felt so right!

I do believe it is crucial…

The value of our very own. The value of “my people”! This is where I belong! This is my safe place. And it is warm! This is where I can just be….and stop trying to be! In fact, here I am needed, really needed! Yes, this is my family! I will fight with a vengeance for my family! I will stand tall for my family! I will do almost anything for my family! More than anything, I just wanna be with my family! And…I am so proud of them!

Our very own!

Here’s to all the families! This is my very own! My people! Yes, my family! And… I am so proud of them!

Happy New Year!

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