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January 17, 2009


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Okay, so I am indecisive! And I believe that is putting it quite mildly! It is a problem of mine! Really, it is! Oh the freedom in making a decision and then walking away, putting aside¬† the issue that was in question! But, oh no…not me! I will roll it around in my mind. Think about this, but then consider that. Will lean one way and then remember what I really liked about the other way.¬† Vacillate. Then the deadline hits and I need to decide! So I decide. And then decide again! And then make a final decision! But it’s not over! I will then replay the options again and then KNOW I must have made the wrong decision! But at that point it is to late, so I just really wish I would have made the other decision! You see, it really is a problem of mine! I know it, I know it!

So when I decided it would be fun to post a few favorites from this past year, I was setting myself up for it again…another case of indecisiveness! So instead, I just went through images and rapidly and rather randomly choose a few that made me smile. Made my heart leap a little. Made me remember why this is a passion of mine!

A few favorites from 2008…

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