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January 31, 2009

All the boys…

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Jethro, Ashton, Cody, Derrian, DeAndre, and Avery…

Six boys and ready to go!

Mom says…”Full of energy and lots of it! Never ever a dull moment!”

These boys are all about hunting and trapping in the woods. They love baseball and would be happy to tell you about the Phillies!

Taken in the fall, these boys thought it would be pretty cool to be “online”!

So today, boys…is your moment of fame! Today…the whole world can see you! Your “online”!!!

Meet these fun loving boys!!!!

January 28, 2009


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Today I want to share a few of Jenny!

Jenny is bubbly and Jenny is enthusiastic!

She thrives on hanging out with friends even if  doing really nothing at all!

Family is a gigantic part of her life!

Ipod and her stick side by side. To her…music is kinda what feelings sound like!

Jenny understands and recognizes that chocolate is one of life’s necessities! Yeah, a good and crunchy apple has it’s place and all, but chocolate…

Good movies and popcorn, shopping for bargains, family get-togethers, falling snow and snow days, shooting stars, ice cream, camping trips,homework and the mall…

This is life and Jenny calls it wonderful!

Meet Jenny!

January 26, 2009

Nate & Gwen

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The flowers arrived…beautiful, stark, and perfect! Sunlight streamed through the windows and danced on the floor.  All the finishing touches were made to hair and dress. She looked calm and content as her bridesmaids circled the room like busy bees! The day was planned and the details were taken care of!  Gwen was ready to take the man of her dreams by the hand and say forever!

And him…Nate was more than ready to see his girl, his very own!

It was time!  Today they were going to wear a wedding band for the other! Today they were going to pledge in front of family and friends to love until the end of time! They were certain it was meant to be and life together would be perfect!

Nate and Gwen, thanks do much for allowing me to be part of your day! I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your lives together! God bless!

January 23, 2009


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There is something about a good contrast that grips me!

The beautiful bumping shoulders with ugliness!

Delicateness standing tall next to rough!

Refinement and sophistication pairing up with the gritty!

Willing to brave the ugly for a few shots…

More to come of this fantastic couple!

January 21, 2009

Cheney, dear!

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Cheney is dear to me, you see….because, well…just look at her!

And you see, she is the daughter of a dear friend of mine!

Written by her mother… I am going to let Cheney talk!

"Hi!  Hi is my favorite word.  I like to say it in a sing-songy voice.  My mommy and I,
we say hi to each other a lot, because it's the only conversation we can have with each
other that we can both understand.

I am a dancer, and music is my thing!  My daddy is my favorite singer,and the
Mannheim Steamroller is the best band ever!  Boy do I really feel it when I hear their music!

 Although I look like a ballet dancer on the pictures, I do more of an unusual hip-hop dance
on my knees. I know that it may sound a bit strange, but I make it work! I make it extra
good by clapping my hands, smiling my cheesy smile, and looking up at the ceiling while I
hop around on my knees.  And, everyone who watches me seems to think it's pretty great
because they laugh and clap their hands just like me!

I do have some other interests outside of dancing.  For instance, I have discovered
that when I am hungry for a little something something, the cereal cupboard is an
excellent place to find a treat.  It's so easy.  I just get a box, fiddle around with
the bag for a little while, and then dump.  It works every time.  My mom doesn't seem
to mind too much, except for the times when I dump the whole bag out on the floor at
once.  I don't think she likes that.
Sometimes when I'm walking around in the house, I stop by the trash can in the kitchen
and take a minute to open the lid and look around.  You would be amazed what my family
throws away.  I even find things in there to know, like crust from bread, or
cereal that fell on the floor.  You just never know where a good snack will turn up. When
I am finding lots of interesting things in the trash can, the thing that works best for me
is to knock it over so I can sit down and look through things thoroughly.  It is such a
good way to pass the time.  But, when my mom finds me she says, 'No, no, Cheney! Yukky!!'
(I don't understand this yukky word!)  Then she takes me into the playroom AGAIN, and
says, 'Cheney play!'  Maybe she doesn't get it that I just was playing, just not with toys!

Something else that I find very enjoyable is leaning over the toilet and splashing my
hands around in the water.  It is so fun to get wet, and the water is always there!  The
only tricky part is finding the moments when my family forgets to close the bathroom
doors.  It seems like a harmless little game to me, but my mommy always says, 'No,
no, Cheney!  Yukky!!'  Then she washes my hands with soap and water, and takes me away
from the toilet and closes the door very hard.

 My best friends are my big sisters.  I like their stuff!  Cassie's chapstick is
so yummy...especially the pink kind.  Sometimes when my sisters are playing house and
they don't want me to play with them, my mommy tells them to pretend I am their puppy.
So they say, 'OK...Come on little puppy.'  And I crawl around them and get into trouble
like a good little puppy should.  I think I make a good puppy!  I like that game; and my
mom likes that game.  I don't know if my sisters do.

My daddy and mommy say that I am God's answer to a dream they didn't even know they had.
My mommy says, 'Isn't that just like God!'
I hope you like the pictures that my "Auntie Char" took to celebrate my 1st birthday!
Good bye, now!" 

January 19, 2009

Mike & Janae

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It’s in the way she makes him smile…

The way his eyes dance when he is watching her….

Loved working with these guys!

Easy going and quite content to simply be beside the other! She admits to loving Mike’s smile and will find ways to make it happen! He can’t help but loving Janae’s perky and ever so vibrant personality! Time together is perfect by simply hanging out with friends, lounging around, and catching up on sleep after long work weeks!

Mike and Janae are planning and anticipating May 2nd! They cannot wait for their big day!

January 17, 2009


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Okay, so I am indecisive! And I believe that is putting it quite mildly! It is a problem of mine! Really, it is! Oh the freedom in making a decision and then walking away, putting aside  the issue that was in question! But, oh no…not me! I will roll it around in my mind. Think about this, but then consider that. Will lean one way and then remember what I really liked about the other way.  Vacillate. Then the deadline hits and I need to decide! So I decide. And then decide again! And then make a final decision! But it’s not over! I will then replay the options again and then KNOW I must have made the wrong decision! But at that point it is to late, so I just really wish I would have made the other decision! You see, it really is a problem of mine! I know it, I know it!

So when I decided it would be fun to post a few favorites from this past year, I was setting myself up for it again…another case of indecisiveness! So instead, I just went through images and rapidly and rather randomly choose a few that made me smile. Made my heart leap a little. Made me remember why this is a passion of mine!

A few favorites from 2008…

January 15, 2009


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This is Ellie!

Ellie is cool, calm and ever so fabulous!

She loves music, singing, and dancing and will do so whenever and wherever possible!

Pretty laid back unless you get her started on a topic she is passionate about!

A must and a always is cell phone, gum, and chapstick! She says, “Simple things make life good!”

Sweet tooth?!! Big time!

Family and friends are life to her.

Big plans?!! Yup…college for radiography and eventually taking some time off and traveling to Africa for missions work!

Let me share a few of Ellie…

January 13, 2009

The J-Family!

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I had the pleasure of meeting the J-family! I was contacted by Janet to see if we could do a “cool” photo shoot with her and her men! I jumped at the chance as this sounded like my kind of thing! The entire family is nothing short of wonderful! I was immediately drawn to their sincerity and realness! Just down to earth…happy to be alive, happy to be a family, happy to be!

To help you get to know them…

Jerry loves the water…in his boat with his boys and friends. Tubing, skiing, and wake boarding, he does it!

Janet is quite happy riding along on this boat! She loves the warm weather and tells me she is a wanna be writer!

Joshua is a full time student at West Chester University and is quite good at making short films!

Joshua is a freshman in college and is working towards being a Mechanical Engineer! He is making the most of this winter… taking off college and going to Colorado to work and snowboard!

Jonathan is a sophomore at Governor Mifflin highschool. Snowboarding and video games make him a happy man!

Meet this family!

January 10, 2009

Normal life and goals

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The New Year always brings this crazy sense of hope for me! Makes me feel as if I can accomplish almost anything I set my mind to! Leave yesterdays fears and doubts there ….in yesterday and dream big! So goals is what I do! Not resolutions, mind you…but goals! Gives me a sense of direction! In a way, it is making a choice to live with a purpose! What is my purpose in life?!! Who am I?!! Really… who am I?!! Where am I going? Where will I be at the end of 2009?

I know that everything is impossible on my own. God as been undoubtedly good to me! I have learned it works best to set goals for myself and then sit back and go along for the ride! In all reality…it is out of my hands! And I am learning, it works best this way!

So goals it is! This is how I roll! A simple goal of mine is taking more snapshots of normal life! I got so “busy” shooting photographs, normal life happened and that is where it stopped! I wanna remember normal life and my kiddos with snapshots!

So here is to normal life…

Adler thinks these goggles are all that and then some! Upside down, inside out…he’s got them on and he’s a happy kid!

Riley suggested we sing happy birthday as I took his picture…so sing we did. The simplicity of a four year’s world! All these photos are taken sitting on the dining room table using window light. If you look closely, you can see me in Riley’s eyes. Singing. Normal life.

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