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December 28, 2008

Marlin & Lynae

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“I ‘heart’ him so! He’s my man and I ‘heart’ him so!”

Today I have the privilege of introducing this rockstar couple!

You meet ‘em and you can’t help yourself…you like them! A lot! They seem to have a true joy for life…ready to seize the moment! Fun, unscripted, and spontaneous!

They tell me they are complete opposites! But it works out wonderfully for them! Marlin loves to play baseball. Lynae believes her time is better spent on the sidelines reading ‘People’! He loves to hunt and she would rather be without ‘People’ for a month than be caught eating a burger!

What makes them happy?!! Well, first of all…Lynae says it has gotta be a new pair of boots! Really! OK, OK …there also is friends and entertaining! They love life in the city…it fits them perfectly! Summer is all about the beach, pool, jogging, and a good comic book! Time is well spent ordering in and watching movies late into the night. OK, so they watch a few and then Marlin is fast asleep! Oh, and they adore their little doggies! Lynae admits to spoiling Caesar and Angel WAY to much! But she knows for a fact when she turns her back, Marlin does the exact same thing!

Someday…they are going to travel, travel, and travel! Maybe go back to India! It is a passion…to see the world! Marlin and Lynae tell me they love this time of their life. They have been man and wife for several years, but still learn something new about each other everyday! In their words, “life is sweet!”

Meet Marlin and Lynae, folks!

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Bright pink and lime green for Christmas…a little unconventional, maybe?!!  But I like unconventional…makes me happy!

I  love this time of year…we are so very blessed!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!!!

December 23, 2008


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Trying to get together the perfect Christmas card…no easy task, is it?!! You would think one good shot wouldn’t be so difficult! In fact, getting that adorable smile to send to Grandma really should be quite simple, right?!! It isn’t so, it isn’t so! We all have tried it and know it isn’t so!

But this family had a wonderful plan and I think, pulled it off quite well!

Meet Camden and his family!

For Camden, Christmas is all about building gingerbread houses and waiting for the snow to fly which means sledding! And so essential…family! Christmas for this family is all about spending time with those near and dear!

December 20, 2008

Merriest of Weekends to you!

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Ahhh, tis the weekend before Christmas!

Hustle and bustle! Last minute shoppers scrambling! Holiday jingles playing everywhere! Gotta stop and get the turkey! Big sugar cookies with sticky frosting and red and green sprinkles! Festivities in the making!!!!

Have a merry weekend, everybody!

And just a few of this beautiful newborn!

ShaRonda Jewel…

December 18, 2008

Todd and Angie…

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Ok, so Barnes and Noble, Cheesecake Factory, traveling and riding the Harley…

Meet Todd and Angie!

The big day is happening when the sunshine is warm and the birds are chirping! Looking forward to June 2009!

Definitely up for a good time and loving to laugh!

Angie loves Todd’s great sense of humor, how easy he is to talk to, his laid back personality, and oh yes…how he will do anything for his girl! Todd can’t help but love Angie’s enthusiastic, buoyant personality! She’s always got a new idea to try and ready to go with it! Togetherness might be a picnic at the park or the  couch and a movie!

Let me share a few… Todd and Angie!

December 16, 2008


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Families! Mom and Dad and kids! I have been amazed as I have seen the strong, almost fierce affection and devotion we have for our offspring! It starts with great outfits! Come on, how can you not love those sooo adorable shoes that are just perfect! We know it is not really practical, but we just can’t help ourselves! And then it is their smile! We believe they have the most heartwarming smile ever! We know our kids inside and out! What she likes for dinner and how many goals he scored in the soccer game! Their little quirks, habits, how to get them to eat their vegetables, what they will love for Christmas, and the list goes on! In a way, our lives revolve around our kids! We want to give our kids the best life we can! What will they be when they grow up?!! How can I mold them into being a good person?!! Our heart swells with pride…these are my kids! Yes, I believe it is how it was intended to be! It’s all part of being a family!

Today, meet this family!

This family has Owen!

Owen…lots of grins, lots of energy, and lots of boy! And he is all about Daddy coming home at the end of the day, peek a boo, and throwing things!!! Meet Owen and his family too!

December 13, 2008


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Today, let me share a few of this beautiful family…

“Hi! I am Paris! I am three! I love being three! I have lots and lots of energy! Just ask my mom! And I love to jump! I am good at jumping! My mommy’s scrapbooking stuff is great! I like to play with it! Just ask my mom! I am Daddy’s girl! I am his fishing buddy! And I help him change the oil in the truck! I am a big girl after all! You know what else? I love icecream, peanut butter, and chocolate! My daddy likes icecream, peanut butter, and chocolate as much as me! Just ask my mom! She says we are two peas in a pod! Whatever!

I have a little sister! Her name is Asia! I give her lots of hugs and kisses! It’s my job to help take care of her!

Me, Asia, my mommy, and my daddy…we all like to go camping, and fishing and eat ice cream and watch football!

My mommy says that life is pretty grand with me and Asia and my daddy! Yup, I am three and I like ice cream and I think life is pretty grand too!

December 10, 2008


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Dazzling and delightful….let me tell you a little about this girl!

First of all she loves people! Being with people, meeting new people, helping people, and working with people! In fact, next year she is planning on attending Messiah College to study sociology! Her goal is to eventually work with kids and teens in trouble…share God’s love with them!

A few things Amy could not live with out…

Ipod and phone…always and always! Oh, and a cute dress for summer and a dashing coat for winter!

Piano…Amy has got it down! She has been playing the piano for over 13 years! Yup, and she runs like the wind in track…has been so for the last five years! In her words, “It’s a blast!”

Traveling…Amy love to travel! It might be with her family on a cruise or her youth group on mission trips!

And of course, friends! They make her laugh, make good craziness happen, and make her day good! Amy really doesn’t know what she would do without them! Snowmobiling in the winter! Beach in the summer! Watching movies, hanging out, taking pictures, and making memories!

Let me introduce Amy…

December 7, 2008


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“This little girl of ours….even when we have a babysitter and get away for a bit, we still end up talking about Kyleigh! We just can’t help it, she stole our hearts big time!”

Oh yes, and Kyleigh’s mother also admitted that Gap clothing rocks…it is her weakness!

What do you think?!! I do believe Kyleigh wears it quite well!

December 5, 2008


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Sharing a problem?!! At times, of course! But something they all share quite well…such pretty eyes!

Let me share a few…





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