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November 30, 2008

Shane & Sheri – engagement

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“She’s this really great girl from college!” he said. Yes, Shane’s best friend told him all about her…on numerous occasions! And if her name was not mentioned for awhile, well…it was brought up again!

She met up with an old friend from college via internet! Sheri had not seen him for years, it was good to get caught up and stay in touch! He began telling her about this super nice guy he works with. Thought he would be just her type. Yes, he was perfect for her!  Sheri told him he was crazy, after all they lived thousands of miles apart! Nope, she was not interested. At all.

Shane was convinced to simply send a quick email and Sheri promised she would be kind and respond. And across the internet miles…there was a spark. Chemistry. A few weeks later emails became phone calls. So they had to admit, they kinda liked each other. Should they meet?!! It was decided! In Colorado…Valentine’s day!

Perhaps it was the gorgeous scenery, the crisp air on the ski slopes, the symphony music, or the simple fact that they could not deny the truth…this was perfect!

From that point the two made a commitment to never spend more than three weeks apart! And kept it! Months later…a three hour horse back ride up the Rocky Mountains and dinner in a chalet, Shane got down on one knee and it was sealed! It was perfect!

I am looking forward to their wedding in June! If their engagement session is any indication of their awesomeness, it is going to be a great wedding!

Because I love new locations, I am always excited when folks have location ideas. Shane and Sheri had some shots they wanted to try as in the above shot and also locations picked out! Because they both have a passion for books, the library was one of our stops!

November 26, 2008


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It is turkey, football, cranberry salad, pumpkin pie, family, and more family day!

The holidays have officially hit!

Wherever you are, whomever you are spending it with, whatever you are doing…

Happy and happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2008


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It is all about the tunes! Switchfoot, Family Force 5, Skillet, and Amberlin! Almost anything, really…except rap!

Music is the center of her life! Yup, she told me, “I don’t know why, I guess it just choose me!”

This is Sam! Let me tell you a little about her!

Free time… Sam loves to just hang with friends, maybe see a movie or got to a concert, and of course listen to some music!

Her cell phone is a must! Along with that comes her camera with plenty of batteries, mp3 player, quotes journal, always good to have some hand sanitizer and CANNOT forget the Converses!

Sam is looking forward to graduating and then heading to Texas for a year to take part in a Christian leadership training program! After that?!! Time will tell, but Sam is considering art school for interior design!

But eventually, Sam is going to travel the world! Sam tells me with a smile…”I am not a band geek or anything, but I would love to be part of putting on a concert! You know, follow an awesome band around and be part of the crew! Someday maybe…would love this experience!”

Meet Sam, folks!

November 20, 2008

Ava and family…

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If you have a kiddo this cute…

You have got to, well… get her picture taken!

“Ava?!! She has lots of smiles, lots of laughter, and yes… lots of energy! She loves to explore the world around her! Peek-a-boo and wrestling with Dad is the best! Ava is happy, perky, and playful and we absolutely adore her!”

“Camping trips and relaxing weekends at the cabin are great! But what we do best is just hanging out at home, maybe watching a movie, and of course playing with Ava!”

Meet Ava and her family too!

November 18, 2008

The Martin Family

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Busyness and busyness…yup, this mother questions if the house will ever be clean again! Life is always happening! Family and farm…togetherness and finding time for a Settlers game!

Let me tell you a little about this family!

Jerrell is the big brother at 10 years old. If he isn’t holding a ball in his hand it is probably a bowl of ice cream! Gotta have ice cream year round! Kind hearted and everybody’s buddy! Jerrell has big plans for the future…a farmer and also a major league baseball player!

Heidi and energy go together! Right along with her sparkling brown eyes, she has a smile for anyone! If she is having a good day, it is all over her face! She plays the role of big sister quite well!

Maria just turned 6 and loves kindergarden! She loves to sing! McDonald’s and Build-a-Bear is the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Tiffany is only three and has decided that vegetables aren’t necessary! Quite honestly, salsa and chips are much better! She is lovable and giggly and is happy by her daddy’s side! And Ellie…. “petite puddin’ pie” will soon be celebrating her first birthday!

November 14, 2008


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Good-humored and warm and quite smitten with their son…..these guys were so easy to work with!

Let me introduce to you Jeff, Jess, and Avery!

In Jess’s words…

“I really could go on and on about Avery!

He has a wonderful, charming smile that just makes my heart burst…even when he is being mischievous! He certainly is100% boy and is so energetic! He loves to do big people things like “talking” on the phone and “typing” on the computer just like his daddy. Avery is so expressive! I love listening to him talk to himself! At the end of the day, he is our little snuggler!

And he has these most amazing, big blue eyes…just like his daddy!

Yeah, schedules can get a bit demanding at times, so family time is really precious to us! We love browsing around Barnes & Nobles with a good cup of mocha or picking up some Italian at Buca di Beppo. A walk in the park or a summer evening bike ride is perfect! And you can’t beat ice cream and a movie at the end of a long day! Quite simply, we just love being a family!”

November 12, 2008

Ashlyn Jade

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August 29, 2008…

Ashlyn is here…ready to go!

Her big sis named her “chuggy cheeks” and her mommy says “perpetual motion” is quite fitting!

Oh, so squeezable and and quite smiley! Already wanting in on the action!

My niece…this is little Ashlyn!

Serene and tranquil….. a baby lost in a deep, blissful sleep!

November 10, 2008


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“Playing games, going on hikes, camping, the beach, visiting our local coffee shop for live entertainment and gelatos, and just hanging out together and goofing off…this is our family!”

“Nathaniel is our studious child, who loves science, history, and making things. His favorite pastimes are reading, playing with his circuit kit, building legos and conducting science experiments. Serious and responsible, Nathaniel makes a great big brother to his siblings. We can always count on Nathaniel to lend a hand and do a great job of helping out around the house. He often likes to surprise his mom by cleaning up his bedroom before she tells him to. Nathaniel wants to be a scientist when he grows up.”

“Isaiah is our fun and boisterous boy. He often has a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a playful grin on his face. Isaiah loves his cars, especially Speed Racer. Isaiah loves to play kick ball at school with his friends when he’s not busy with his school work. He likes math the best. In his spare time you will most likely find Isaiah playing some kind of sport or engrossed in his cars and trains or spending time outdoors. What does Isaiah want to be when he grows up? He doesn’t know yet. After all, he’s only seven, but some things on his list are a football player, a baseball player, a fireman, and a construction worker. It’s hard to decide!”

“Chloe is our girly girl who also loves to rough and tumble with her brothers. Chloe likes to sing, play memory, take care of her dolls and teddy bears, bake cookies with mommy, color in her coloring books, and watch Caillou. Chloe loves to play dress up and thinks it’s especially great when mommy lets her paint her nails. She misses her brothers a lot when they go to school and enjoys spending time with them when they come home. Chloe’s favorite thing in the whole world is little babies. She likes to hold them, play with them, give them kisses. She wants to be a mommy when she grows up.”

Do you have a passion for paper, texture, design, and creativity?!!

Brenda is quite talented when it comes to any type of paper crafting including scrapbooking, card making, gift and home décor items, fun party decorations, and everything In between.

I asked her about it….

“My clients love the quality and versatility of Stampin’ Up! products and I love sharing new ideas with my clients. There’s nothing quite like seeing the joy and satisfaction in someone’s eyes when they have just learned how to use a new product or have mastered a new technique. I love to teach people how to use their talents, abilities, and time to create a special hand-crafted item to either enjoy for themselves, pass down to their children, or to give away to bless someone else.”

In fact, she recently won the Artisan Award. This is a contest that is open to all US and Canadian demonstrators as a way for Stampin’ Up! to recognize demonstrators for their creative abilities.

Check out her website at and the blog at

November 7, 2008


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This is Margo! Let me tell you just a little about her!

First of all…Margo loves to dance! And dancing she has been ever since she turned three! So yup, she is quite good at it! Currently it is tap, hip-hop, and ballet with ballet as a favorite!

Right along with that is music! Margo says “I’ve always got music! It helps me get through those tough days! It is something that everybody can relate to in so many different ways! Music…love it!”

Margo is planning on working in the medical field. And because she loves kids…she is hoping to be working with little people!

Oh yes, and she loves to travel! In fact, she has already traveled around the world a few times! Margo has been studying Spanish for several years and is anticipating going to a Spanish speaking country to work with the kids!

Margo! She’s got a gentle light that radiates from her! Let me share a few!

November 4, 2008


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I personally think these guys are beautiful inside and out!

Yup, they are family of mine and also super duper friends!

It might be a weekend camping under the stars or a evening at the park or a bike ride around the block or a game of hide-n-seek that never ends or just an evening with nowhere to go…

It really doesn’t matter, they seem to just love being a family!

Bryant is all boy! Really, what is better fun than water puddle jumping? But gotta love a good book with a good snuggle! Quite sweet, unless you step on his territory!

Brooke seems to be a lot like her mom…a little feisty and always up for a good time! Let her paint her nails pink and she’s grinning from ear to ear! She is all about learning new things these days!

Matt, Kris, Brooke, and Bryant!  Let me share a few of these fine folks…

Such pretty girls…

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