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October 8, 2008


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The Martin Family…

“We just love being together! Whether we are hiking or at the beach….we just love being together!”


“Lindsey is our little sunshine! She loves to give LOTS of hugs and kisses! She delights in girlie girl high heels, nail polish, and jewelry!”


“Travis is our kind hearted child…always looking out for everybody else! He loves baseball!”


“Taylor has a passion for football! Ask him about the Eagles! He loves to read and he just hit the big ten year mark!”

Yup, folks…meet the Martin family!

October 6, 2008


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These little guys are brothers and they share the bestest grins and the bluest eyes ever!

Here’s a few! Meet Taylor and Logan…

October 4, 2008


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The Nolt family!

Just being, well…family! Doing what families do! You know…Just hang’n!

Let me share a few…

And this is Dana! So pretty with a super smile!

October 1, 2008


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He’s a good guy…

I am told he loves to make people laugh! And he is just one if those guys everybody likes to have around! You know…warmhearted, fun, upbeat, always up to something!

Mike says “I just love to hang out! And when I am not doing that or working or in school, I’ve got my snow board and Cavalier Z24!”

Yup, meet Mike…

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