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October 30, 2008


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Life is full of big questions, isn’t it?!!

Circumstances that seem absolutely impossible! Things happen that don’t make any sense! Stuff that, quite simply, is just not fair! We want to shake our fist with rage at God! Or crawl in a hole, not come out for a long time, and let the tears run! Confusion, hurt, sorrow, and weariness…bone aching weariness!

Life is good, right?!!

But lots of us have it, don’t we?!! Some kind of sadness, pain, turmoil that seems to follow us! Our own feels so personal. It seems to consume us at times! Making us unaware of the hurting people right next to us…causing us to lose sight of the big picture! And if the enemy wins…it eventually swallows us, snuffing out the life and light!

We continue! We live a good life! After all, we are good people! But the life is gone and quite honestly, it leaves us useless!

What’s reality?!! Where to from here? God wants my heart! Through tears, pain, and anger…He wants me, my dreams, my passions, and my life as I know it! He wants me to let it all go! Stop fighting! Stop trying to survive! And just…well, just be! Let Him take it from there! Yeah, let Him show me what living life to the fullest really means!

Today…three years ago, I lost my mother. It happened, oh so quickly! Aggressive cancer. It took us so off guard, we never even said “Good bye”! A mere three weeks before my baby was born. I am the oldest of eight kids. Brandon was only seven. “Come’on God, what are you thinking?!! A seven year old need his mother!” She was the heart of our family! All us kids could honestly say, she was a best friend! She understood our hearts! It seemed she could see straight to our souls!

Yeah, it has been a grueling journey! But I had an amazing mother for twenty-seven years! That is something a lot of people never have! So today…today I realize I am blessed! Today I am thankful!

I am who I am, because of her!

In honor of my dear mother…

Who is dancing in heaven! Yup, I know she is dancing!

Let me share an essay written by my sister! Maybe, just maybe… it will give you a glimpse of who she was!

A Life Fully Lived!
By Crystal Good 9/6/07
“Mom you’ll never believe this!”
“What?!”, She asked with a bright smile, eager to hear all about what was going on.
That was her. My mom cared about every detail, no matter what. Whether it was significant to her, or totally unimportant, my mom was always ready with a listening ear.
She also know the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. Just emptying all emotions, feelings and thoughts to her somehow made it “all better”. Whether I was about to explode with excitement or crumble with frustration, Mom always understood. Even when I didn’t understand myself… Mom did.
A woman that exceptional is worth getting to know. Please meet Sylvia Good, my Mom, my best friend. She was quick to serve others in anyway needed. You would think after mothering eight children, being her husband’s “right hand helper” on the farm, and being an invaluable friend to her family and others the she would grow weary. But, no! Her passion and energy never failed to illuminate her.
“What will my birthday cake look like this time?” I wondered as she walked out to the garage. Moments later, my mom returned with a cake held high, full of candles. As the excitement grew inside me, she set the cake in front of me. One great big puff of air and the candles were out! I gazed at my cake, surely the finest Barbie doll cake ever made. A lacy, pink, Cinderella-like ball gown sculpted out of cake, complete with a matching pink ribbon in my Barbie doll’s hair. “Wow”, I mused. Yes, for every birthday, for every child, she created our new favorite birthday cake.
The flower gardens were her pride and joy. She spent countless hours down on her knees, dirt in her finger nails, planting flowers, pulling weeds and trimming shrubs to grow to perfection. Every spring, the patio was brought to life with planters full of bright, cheerful flowers. From her gardens came many vases full of fresh flowers brought inside to cheer the kitchen.
Thanks to Mom’s determination, what once was simply a patch of dirt bloomed into a flourishing vegetable garden. Rows of peas, potatoes, green beans, corn, watermelon, tomatoes and my favorite- strawberries! Every step from sowing the first seeds in the spring, rota-tilling the weeds, spraying those pesky bugs, to harvesting a successful crop in the fall, she did it all cheerfully. No, It wasn’t easy! But to her, the hard work paid off when her family sat around the dinner table with a “morrish” meal of garden fresh fruits and vegetables.
My fondest memory of the garden is picking strawberries. Why? See, only half of those tasty berries landed in the bucket. The other half? “Yum!”, I said with strawberry stained lips and a big grin, “Wow, I love strawberries!”
Freezing and canning fruits and vegetables was an annual event in the Good house. Peaches were the best. Five bushels of peaches, my grandma, mom, sisters, Kara and one sticky day of canning peaches! Whether it was husking and freezing corn, canning tomato soup, or making applesauce, it really didn’t feel like work with Mom’s cheerful presence. Work was enjoyable with her silly comments and warm smile.
Sylvia abounded with energy; she loved to exercise. Her latest ambition was jumping rope. Yes – jumping rope! Six AM, she was outside jumping rope. She was so faithful, the neighbors expected to see her outside on their way to work each morning. 800 jumps on the average morning, a mark that even us kids struggled to meet!
March 22, 2005. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful spring day, the kind that makes your heart dance. But the mood was otherwise. That was the day the doctors gave us the heart wrenching news, “We are sure Sylvia has cancer, there are tumors everywhere.” The tears came like a torrential downpour. My Mom, my hero, my best friend, and now a cancer patient? As devastating as it was for me – I can only imagine how much worse it must have been to be the victim. But that brave lady fought courageously. She had her good days and her bad days, but she never gave up. Eventually the cancer left her, once energetic body, immobile. In her wheelchair we pushed her outside into the back yard. She breathed deep the fresh farm air, and soaked up the feeling of the fresh cut grass rubbing between her barefoot toes. Her flower gardens were in full bloom, and the goldfinches swooped down to feed at the bird feeders. She basked in the beauty of the evening.
October 30, 2005, she exhaled her last breath. Her journey on earth was complete. Her fight had been fought; she was victorious. She reached her destination, her Lover, Jesus Christ.
For me, and new journey just began. Embracing life in the good and bad, just as she would have – but without her here.
I wrestle between feeling despair for being mothered only eighteen years, and feeling truly blessed because I had a hero for a mom for eighteen years. The impact she left will live on, long after she has passed on. The wisdom she passed to me is engraved in my heart. And, oh, the precious memories… the are like a fine diamond, treasured above all else! A hazelnut candle, a vase of fresh flowers, Black Joe Cake with Peanut Butter icing, a nice suntan on weathered skin, the smell of Dutch cooking, all that and more will forever bring a smile to my face and a pleasant memory to my mind.
Sylvia Good defines a life lived fully. She spoke wisdom and advice into many lives; her diligence and perseverance sculpted her children. Her warm cheer and abounding energy is a fond memory tucked inside of those she knew. Above all, she was an example of what it is to love without limitations. Like the continuing ripples when a pebble is dropped into a lake, so is her incredible legacy continuing to impact and bless others.

October 27, 2008


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“This is Katelyn. She is ours and we love her so!

We love her chubby cheeks!

We love her bright eyes!

We love seeing her learn new things!

We love how her face lights up when she sees her daddy at the end of the day!

This is Katelyn and yes, we love her so!”

October 25, 2008

Little Man…

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Yup, he is our “big boy”! He makes sure we don’t forget that!

He is BIG! His little brother is little! And his job is to look out for his little brother!

Riley and goofiness…they come as a pair! I can’t help but luv’em both!

October 23, 2008


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Girls, girls, girls…these girls are all about girl stuff!

“Whether it is shopping at the mall, soaking up the sun, or better yet…chocolate!”

Yup, they are sisters! In their words, “Having a sister is like having a best friend for your whole life!”

Let me introduce you…

Sierra, also known as Seese is eight!

Carefree and a-skippin! Energetic and competitive! She can run like the wind!

All is right with the world if she is by her Daddy’s side!

Alexia, also known as Lexy is eleven!

She is one of those “I’ll do anything for ya” kinda people! You know, all around just a pretty great kid!

She loves her dog, Chloe and riding four wheeler! If Alexia is outside, she’s a happy girl!

Marisa, also goes by Reese! She is fourteen and counting!

Marisa loves shopping, playing piano, and spending time on her computer! Homework?!! She would rather not talk about it!

October 22, 2008


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What to wear…what to wear?!!

This little lady pulled fashion off quite well!

Posh and trendy…with a lovely splash of color! Love the “pop” this gave to her photos!

Had to pull out a few! Just had this session a few days ago…more to come off little Chloe and her family too!

October 20, 2008


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She is two! She is beautiful! And she has the coolest shoes ever!

How can anybody not love a “curls and bright pink Converses” combo?!!

We were dancing between the rain drops! Yeah, there was a light rain for most of the session!

*Scrap booking a passion of yours?!!

Hailey’s Mom, Elsa will get you fixed up and running! In fact, she has lots of Creative Memories supplies on hand at all times…no wait required! Check out her website at!

October 18, 2008

Adam & Megan

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There is a warmth and quite simply, a love for life and each other that surrounds these guys! They grew up together and became best of friends in high school! It didn’t take long to realize, “We were truly meant to be!” Megan loves Adam’s gumption and passion for life! Adam loves Megan’s ability to make a stand for what she believes in!

And better yet, that are counting down the days ’till they are officially parents! Nolan is expected the end of November…

“We thank God everyday for sharing this miracle with us! We feel so blessed! We know God has a plan for him…we want Nolan to experience all that God has in store for him! And yes, we are hoping he arrives on time! We can’t wait!”

Congratulations Adam and Megan! Nolan is quite blessed to call you “Mommy and Daddy”!

Let me share a few fun belly shots…

October 15, 2008

Nate & Gwen

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Yes, they radiated a genuine “in loveness”!

“Yeah, he’s my kind of guy! Whether it is flowers at just the right moment, breakfast in bed, to simply being the best “all kinda weather friend”….he really is a sweetheart! One of the many things I love about him?!! He always tries to have a good attitude and a smile on his face! Another thing I love about him and he also loves about me?!! We both share this really goofy, off the wall sense of humor! Yup, he’s my kind of guy!”

We are looking forward to their big day just a few short months away in January! They seem to be an amazing couple…it will be lovely, for sure!

Meet Nate and Gwen…

October 13, 2008

Little people…

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Just doing what little people do….

Normal, everyday life isn’t so, well….everyday! Life is full of things to giggle at, trouble to try, and sunshine to romp in!

Little people!

Carefree, mischievous, impish grins, bright eyes…. apples and sunshine!

Jordanna is seven and she loves horses! She has a little brother, Rhett. He is five and just what little brothers are supposed to be…lively, playful, and a wonderful tease!

October 11, 2008


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Meet Janita, folks!

She seems to have a heart of gold…..always looking out for others!

Janita volunteers at the hospital and is a CNA. After she grauduates, she is anticipating going to college for her RN and working in pediatrics! She says, “I just love helping people and being there when they need somebody!”

And of course, hanging with friends is a must! A quote she loves?!! “A friend understands what you are trying to say…even when your thoughts aren’t fitting into words.” Ann D. Parrish

Yes, this is Janita…

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