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September 8, 2008

The Beach!

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We ran away for a few days…

Family, sand castles, flip-flops, sun burnt noses, sea shells, and water…

Yup, these make good getaways!

meet my little sis…Crystal!

September 4, 2008


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Emerald green, lime green, grass green, sea green…

“Doesn’t matter…” she says, “I love green! Why?!! Cuz it’s got umph and energy with a little zing and lots of spunk!”

Yup, folks…meet Marilyn! Let me help you get to know her…

Marilyn and free time?!! Friends! Friends and wiffle ball, cookouts, baseball games, and of course the mall! And then there’s hanging with the girls at a Barnes & Noble, a good magazine, and a doubly chocolate chip frappucino! Really, what could be a better than that?!!

And let’s not forget Bella! Bella?!! Yes, Marilyn’s little sidekick! A perfect little white shih-tzu!

Got the munchies?!! Marilyn recommends Ritz crackers, strawberry limeade from Sonic, and sour patch kids!

A few necessities that she just couldn’t live without?!! Her cell phone, tooth brush, mascara, gum…Trident strawberry splash to be exact! And most importantly, her iPod! You know, we all can use a little Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz!

Right now Marilyn is anticipating her senior year and of course, graduating!

But someday…she is going to travel! See the world! Walk on the cobble stone streets in Scotland, or maybe climb the Eiffel tower, and dip her toes in the Mediterranian Sea! Quite simply, experience life outside of “here”!

After all, life is short! And Marilyn quotes “Live a life of no regrets!”

Wishing you a fantastic senior year, Marilyn! I had a hard time choosing…

September 2, 2008

Jere and Denise…

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A rose with a hand written note tucked in her windshield……that is how it all began!

The handsome boy she seen around, became a friend, and then became more, was going to be “her man”. And the man of her dreams!

The sun sparkled and a breeze danced!

The prefect white dress was ready and waiting!

Flowers…lots of flowers!

And one could hear faint laughter as friends and family began to arrive!

Denise glowed and Jere couldn’t stop grinning!

Today was the day…the happy couple pledged forever and forever to each other!

Jere and Denise…may you climb mountains together, go to lots of hockey games, play two man Rook, have spaghetti and meatballs at midnight, and laugh like no one is watching!

I wish you only the very best in your lives together! Congratulations!

final details…

a lovely bride, indeed!

This dashing young man is Jere’s little brother…known as Colby!

You and me… always and always!

and some sweet shoes!

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