About Me

Welcome to my blog….

Realness! Vibrancy in everyday moments! Seeing a day for it’s purest pleasures! True beauty!

I have a passion for realness…

The simple joy that shines from your eyes! A two year old’s crazy, little quirk! Your inner strength due to life’s scars! A daddy’s intense pride for his family! The breathtaking miracle of a newborn’s perfect, little toes! The giddy, passionate, crazy in love “we are gonna get married” couple! Your child’s mischievous grin! Your very essence! Who God created you to be!

Yes, I have a passion for realness! I am determined to worship God with the passions He has given me. To bless the people I touch as I do what I love! Life is after all, not only measured by how many breaths we take, but also by the impact we leave behind! This blog is an archive of my personal journey of learning to live life with a realness that comes from knowing God’s heart!

This is life as I see it… thanks for stopping by! Char