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January 19, 2011


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Hey, Heeeeeey! So excited to share what I have been working on REALLY hard for the past number of weeks.

My BRAND NEW website and blog!

Visit my NEW BLOG here!


January 3, 2011

Let’s Go.

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I love this time of the year. It’s a gift from God. Like He is giving me a fresh, unmarked year to run with. It’s an opportunity to look at the past year and ask what was good…what was not good…and how can I learn from that? It’s an opportunity to leave the past behind with it’s good, bad, and ugly and look ahead at the next 365 days. It’s an opportunity to plan, set goals, and dream big. This past year has been a big year. Good things…such as a brand, new baby. But this past year has also been a really tough year…for several reasons. I have learned A LOT about myself through it all.

Today I am feeling excited for 2011. Hopeful. Ready. Settled.

“Dear God…here’s my hand. Let’s go.” =)

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

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The front of our Christmas card…I love this photo taken be Sanderson Images because well,  it summarizes my life right now!=)

Wishing you the most magical, wonderful, special, blessed Christmas ever. Amen!

December 23, 2010

Feeling a little…

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Feeling a little crafty! =)


Craftiness and the inspiration to do it comes and goes for me. But I was feeling inspired so I decided to use it while it was there. So instead of spending my pennies on fancy ribbon and sparkly wrapping paper from Target, I stopped in at the local Salvation Army. I have low tolerance for that place. I need to keep my visit short and to the point. I wish the rows and bins didn’t overwhelm me because I know there are full of buried treasures. And I am always a little jealous when others find designer boots there for, you know…five bucks. =) So I went right to the curtain aisle and fabric bins and found what I was looking for….fabric bits and ribbon. Combined that with brown paper wrapping paper and I was feeling all Martha Stewarty. Ha. Maybe not totally Christmasy, but it will do the job. crafty

Anyway, I am loving a break from craziness this month. Yeah, there is always lots to do as the holidays get in full swing. But not having any shoots for November and December has allowed me to do little projects like this. It feels nice. Kinda feels like a spa day for my brain. =)

December 17, 2010

It’s Friday!

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It’s Friday! Yaaay.


A few photos of Erin that were taken waaaaay back in the spring. In the warm breeze and open grass. Mmmm.

I kinda loved her bracelets….most of them handmade. They were so uniquely her.



Pretty eyes? Indeed.


Have a wonderful ‘the last weekend before Christmas’ weekend.

December 15, 2010


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There is something about this photo that I love. For one thing, this is what I see Riley doing all the time. Second, this photo is brimming with enthusiasm. Third, I love how wide this was shot capturing the big building in the background and the sidewalk in the foreground. It would look so great blown up as a HUGE gallery wrap and hung on his bedroom wall.


This is one of many photos taken by Sanderson Images a few weeks ago. So fun! They are wonderful. I love meeting and working with other photographers. I always learn. John and Kim’s shooting style is so different from me. I loved this. I walked away inspired to step outside of what I have become comfortable with. For one, shoot wide to give variety. I adore my 50mm/F1.2 lens. Becasue of this, I tend to shoot with it almost all the time. Now I have my eyes set on the 35mm/F1.4 lens. =) Second, invite craziness. Because life is a bit crazy and this results in full of life photos. =) And full of life photos is always my goal.

December 10, 2010

Jason and Hilary

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“I love you to the moon… and back.”

Jason & Hilary_08

It all began at a party with mutual friends. It was raining. The kinda knew each other, but not really. He thought she was beautiful. She laughed at his jokes and thought him to be quite charming. They shared her umbrella. A red umbrella. And underneath that red umbrella a story began.

Jason & Hilary_12

He was smitten. He secured her phone number from her friend and called her the very next day.  It was love. Three months later he gave her a kiss. It was true love.

Jason planned this shoot as a surprise for Hilary. But this was only a small part of the plan. You see, he had a gorgeous rock burning a hole in his pocket. Proposal was on his mind.

The proposal happened in the morning and the shoot was planned for the afternoon. =)

As we emailed back and forth planning the details, I asked Jason to tell me a little about themselves so we could plan the shoot to reflect them. He said it so perfectly…

“She is gorgeous, yet so humble. She is kind, and has a heart for people. Her smile is beautiful. She has a passion for God. A love that is unconditional. And she definitely makes me want to be a better person. She is going to Zambia in January to help the undeserved, on her return she will graduate in the spring with her BS in nursing. I would have to say that her 3 most favorite things in the world are… napping, Nutella, and running hugs. Her favorite color is mustardy yellow. She loves fall and especially Christmas!! She started listening to Christmas music in October. She loves anything pumpkin.”

Jason & Hilary_16

“If I’m able to come home or see her on the weekend we mostly have to study, but when we have time -  going for a walk, having a picnic, taking a nap in the park with lots of blankets, campfires, sitting outside under the sunset, wood stove fires in winter, playing in the snow and hot coco. She loves mittens, scarfs, and pea coats. Shopping every chance she gets… but never buys anything:) She won’t let me buy her anything…. I do anyway. Her face and gratitude is always priceless. She loves little surprises and little gifts. She never takes me from granted. I love our little inside jokes that no one else gets. I think she is hilarious even when she is not trying to be. I love laughing together. Sometimes we would rather do nothing than anything at all. She loves taking pictures. She would prefer a little cafe’ over a fancy restaurant any day. She love snuggling on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.

Her favorite saying is …I love you to the moon… and back.”

Jason & Hilary_19

“I love her more than anything in this world and I’ve been waiting for this day since I first saw her.”

How’s that for romantic?!! =)

Loved meeting and working with these guys. See their slide show here.

Jason and Hilary…you are beautiful together!


Jason & Hilary_25

Jason & Hilary_22

Jason & Hilary_23


Jason & Hilary_27


Jason & Hilary_43

Jason & Hilary_11


December 7, 2010


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“I like to ask questions and say things that everyone is thinking but to afraid to say aloud.”

“I think outside of the box and make myself think”.


“I’m a writer. At least I like to think of myself as one. I write about everything and anything.”


“Books, books, books. I love to read. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has to be in my top ten.

Books that make me think deeply and have the potential to change my perspective on things are my favorite.”


“I love all kinds of music, but especially underground bands, uncommon singers and types of music such as NeverShoutNever!, Holiday Parade and Sia.”


“My friends and family are such a huge part of my life. I don’t know what I would do without them. They keep me sane haha!”


Courtney plans to go to PITT to become an English Major and have a career in journalism.

Seriously, LOVED Courtney. Such a doll and a total sweetheart!




Courtney’s bestest came along for the shoot. Girlfriends rock!


I stumbled upon this gem of a door near the end of the shoot. Funny thing is I shot in this town many times in the past and never noticed it. Courtney’s cute black and white sweater and converses were the perfect contrast with the bright blue door. =)


December 3, 2010


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Kaitlin, dear!


She is as sweet as can be. Loved the simplicity of her style…clean, simple solids.

These photos were taken on Kaitlin’s home farm on a warm September morning. Argh, miss the warm sunshine already!



Corn fields work!


And pretty light is always my favorite.


December 1, 2010


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A little something adorable…


Sara is her name and she is a bundle of energy with beautiful eyes.=)


Gotta love the boots…




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